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DoC Presents: Nixon's Profile Performs Great Moments of the Presidency

Nixon memorizes the filthy anti-communist Chinese limerick Kissinger barely manages to prevent him from reciting in front of Chairman Mao.

Nixon takes a ten-minute break from running his sewer mouth in the Oval Office.

Nixon contemplates What It Means To Be A Quaker. That same afternoon he provides Elvis Presley with "some kind of an honorary agent at large or credential of some sort" (Haldeman). ("You must be kidding." -- Dwight L. Chapin)

Nixon briefly considers making a break for it before throwing awkward peace signs and clambering into the helicopter.


I continue to suffer from apparitions of presidential profiles.

It's not as annoying as it could be, given that I haven't noticed George W. Bush's profile anywhere (which could be because I'm not in the habit of peering down ratholes).

For some reason, Nixon keeps turning up. Today he appeared in the shower in the form of a shower scrubber's shadow (not mine, but thank you for asking) and acted out scenes from his term-and-a-half in the White House.

Luckily my camera was dirty, so I had it right there in the shower with me.

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