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It was far more convincing in a dimmed room.

Why Mary Lincoln's bonnet was omitted from Lincoln's giant Rushmore head is a secret entombed with Borglum.

Afterward I wondered aloud:
Why can't I see a dead George Bush?

The obvious answer came back:
Why can't we ALL?

Then I looked around for hidden microphones.

Ah, well, at least the FBI doesn't know where I am, I said to my friend.
Who came back with, "Oh, *don't* they?"

So, to spell it out for any snooping government stooges who might be able to read:
Also, H-U-M-O-R
Also: G-F-Y

Now, begone with your bullying bullshit, or else go & surveil Item 155.

Enough with the dead presidents already

At a friend's house, yet another spectral presidential silhouette:

Me: I need to borrow your camera.
Friend: Why?
Me: I see dead presidents.

The reason I had to borrow a camera was that once again an evil haunting president victimized me all Heisenbergianlike -- which is to say that part of the Archimboldean tableau consisted of my camera bag.

I don't know why the other dead presidents appear to me, but a while back, having undergone a reversal of my estimation of Lincoln's presidency and character, I removed from the site the large cache of quotations taken from my annotated set of his complete writings & speeches. (Here I be linkin' -- heh, heh, heh, OOF -- to what I replaced it with.) Perhaps this is Lincoln's minor response (for yea, mine is but a minor website).

Or perhaps one day I myself will be president -- then just wouldn't all of this make some kind of TERRIBLE SENSE!