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Your response when some fool in traffic cuts you off & they've got some DUMB-ASS decal to remind everyone exactly which gang of thugs claims dominance over the territory they happen to inhabit?

You yell: FLAG!

All the kids are doing it. All of two kids. But they're doin' it, jack. Doin' it.

(What were FLAGs like as children?)

Here's a faded FLAG undercutting the posted speed limit by at least ten m.p.h. or so.
Babs's immediate comment: "Those colors ran."
(The referent, for those of you lucky enough to live in zones of FLAGlessness.)
(A more sensible variant)
Though FLAGs love to flaunt their support for a government that loves to surveil, they themselves don't seem to love being surveilled.

(Note tres apropos Goofy face.)

(I meant the one below the mirror, but one can make a good case for either.)

Bleeve the Ol' Boy's spotted him a SUPERFLAG.
Patriotism: the last refuge of the flatliner.
Another day, another FLAG.
Admit it: you're illiterate.