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Happy Bunny sez:

We are the Cardinals.
Um. We Think.

What, you may wonder, were FLAGs like as children?

Behold the evidence left by the U.S. high school children of 1947. These future FLAGs of America seem to have needed constant and forceful reminders just to remember what school they attended. These children would grow up to place American flag decals on clean, flat surfaces everywhere. As kids, however, this effort of self-remembering took the form of carefully codified Yells of Recollection:

Who are you?

We're Cardinals
We're Cardinals
We're C-A-R-D-I-N-A-L-S
I'm sorry; who are you?
C-C-Car D-D-Din A-A-Als
CAR-DIN-ALS Cardinals
C-C-Car D-D-Din A-A-Als
CAR-DIN-ALS Cardinals
Car-Din-Als Cardinals
Rah Yeh Cardinals
Ah. And you're from...?
Yeh Glendale Yeh Glendale
O - - - h Glendale
Beg pardon?
G. U. H. S.
G. U. H. S.
G. U. H. S.
Glendale Glendale Glendale

The Council for FLAG Prevention is trying to stamp out school control by politicians, so that we might once again have reasonably intelligent voters, neighbors, and maybe even presidents.

Please -- won't you give generously?




(Source: 1947 Glendale, Arizona High School football program. They're the Cardinals, you know. Just ask them.)

(And, just to further pimp Walker Percy, this quotation from Lost in the Cosmos: "...a cosmological myth or classificatory system, e.g., totem-ism. Ask a Bororo tribesman: Who are you? He may reply: I am parakeet. (Ask an L.S.U. fan at a football game: Who are you? He may reply: I am a tiger.)")