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Date: Mon, 20 May 2002
From: markofthebeastismoney

Nice to hear from you. Unfortunately I do not have all my info on the web yet hence only my email address and I usually don't put the address on the bills. I live in Tucson Arizona and have been marking 666 on the bills since 1981.

what is your aim in doing this?
To inform people that MONEY -- not a tatoo or the bar-code is the Mark Of The Beast.

Many famous people have believed in eliminating money. among them are Karl Marx, Fidel Castro, Pol Pot and Libya's Muammar Kadafi. These people have been slandered by devils (look up the etymology of devil and see it means to slander) who love money.

then, you're saying that marx, castro, kadafi, & pol pot are actually ... what? good guys?
YES! Noam Chomsky, the famous linguist wrote a book about Pol Pot (the Cambodian civil war) exposing the slander against Pol Pot), entitled, "After the Cataclysm"
[oh, lordy... Es Schmertzt Mich Sehr Zu Wissen, Daß Man Ihm Nicht Helfen Kann]
In 1981 I was arrested and jailed by the secret service for marking 666 on money but the judge let me off because technically I did not violate title 18-333 of the US Code, which would require me to render the money unfit to reissue.
and it's a good thing, because otherwise, squished pennies would be illegal, too
In Plato's Republic the guardians (aristocracy) did not have money; St. Thomas More's Utopia and Edward Bellamy's future did not have any money.
you understand that those are all fictional. right?
The people in Star Trek don't use money either. Remember the episode where they time traveled back to the US and didn't know what to do with Money?

Eliminating money is the next stage of human evolution.

"No one buys or sells without the MONEY of the beast on/in mind or hand." -- Apocalypse
"You can't serve God & MONEY You'll either love the one and hate the other." -- Jesus


I found this bill in my wallet and sent an email to Bruce, the man who devotes his life, his markers, and his stamp pad to his vision.