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Below: 1986 RE/Search publication Incredibly Strange Films (highly recommended).
At left: 1998 beverage label for Clearly Canadian's REfresher, marketed as "Refreshment for Action Heroes."
Incredibly strange coincidence...?

Re: RE-RE/Search

"Packaging is obviously a lot about visuals" ... says Kelly Lendvoy, director of communications and public affairs for Clearly Canadian.

You have a golden gift for definition, there, Kelly. Marketers just don't get paid enough. But did you ever consider that visuals can also be "a lot about" trademark infringement? Maybe the legal department at Clearly Canadian should have hired a trademark attorney . . . or an editor, judging from the following portion of the disclaimer at the end of the original press release for REfresher:

Statements in this news release that are not historical are to be regarded as forward-looking statements which are subject to risks and uncertainties and that could cause actual results to differ materially. Such risks and uncertainties with respect to Clearly Canadian's business include general economic conditions, changing beverage consumption trends of consumers, pricing and availability of raw materials, and political and economic uncertainties, including currency fluctuation in the countries in which Clearly Canadian carries on business.

Even for legal horsecrap, that's . . . really crappy. And this from an outfit with "Clearly" in its name.