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Next Wagner
One recent morning I awoke, squinted up at a shelftop, & wondered what Wagner was doing up there next to Mr. T Cabbage Patch Doll (whom, you may notice, is wearing Wagner's "Loafer" gas station shirt).

It was not Wagner. It was a Hallucinowagner. This one turned out to be a bubble envelope coming out of its plastic wrapper, cleverly aping even the hole in the temple of Wagner. Hallucinowagners turn up from time to time. No one sees them but me. This photo didn't turn out all that well, but it is evidence. Evidence is used at trials and sanity hearings and such. I will be ready. Ohhhh, so ready.

Hrmm ... The Hole in the Temple of Wagner ... that would make a good title for something. An opera, perhaps.

But first: Poor Mr. T Cabbage Patch Doll is still without unborrowed clothing. This must soon be remedied.