Guest Conductors on this site:

Tim Hansen Rambles Across The Middle East

Dr. Cliff's Cross-Continental Conducting
(D.C. to BM -- Aug-Sep 98)

Wagner is forced to seek help at a mental health facility (5/1998).

Laura makes a champion of Wagner at the Atlanta Olympics '96

Lady Kathy escorts Wagner into the woods of Twin Peaks

Wagner returns to Deutschland with Tom

Pennsylvania Dreamin' with Mark Simple (1993)

Blue Hawagner: Cynthia Wigginton proves that Wagner can so surf! (February, 1999)

Guest Conductors on other sites:

(Update, aug2019: As you can see, most have gone 404—you thought it was easy to keep a website going for a couple of decades or more?)

Wagner hits Hollywood & Chicago with whaddayoulookinat.com [404]

Viva Mexico! Molly goes Baja on Wagner (April, 1999) [404]

Agent Hesby sneaks Wagner along on his Caribbean Honeymoon [404]

Olivia Henderson's Wagnerian travels in Utah (8/1998) [404]

The official Bigrig Industries account: Bigrig takes Wagner to the Portland Devival (3/1998)! [404]

(And here's how Wagner returned from Bigrig's capable hands!)

* The Ladies' Fetish & Taboo Society site features many stories of W in action:

The infamous Peter Gilstrap article about The Big W

Then there's Babs' "My Pal Wagner"

Here's an exhaustive list of other Richard Wagner websites that feature humor:
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Those of us who find the Old Boy more palatable if taken with a dose o' humor may one day have more outlets (at least if W has his way). But for those of you who want info about the Fleisch-und-Blut Wagner, you'll find an almost interminable list of humorless Richard Wagner sites at the Richard Wagner Archive [404].