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Switcheroo: Reasons Not to Direct Link Images

Reason 24: You might get, to your horror, a switched image of fully clothed people

I'm sure the people of Toledo are very proud of their very own little ponytailed nudist:

Naturist Mark

I'm not from Toledo. I've never even been to Toledo. And I don't donate my bandwidth to ponytailed nudists. Even a nudist can save an image hosted by someone else's server to his own server for hosting.

Sometimes I Switcheroo especially obnoxious bandwidth snatchers with nekkid images. But with what sort of image does one Switcheroo a nudist?

Yep. You guess it quick, boss.

I therefore carry to thee, Naturist Mark, a message from the people of Toledo, on whose behalf I speak, though I'm not from Toledo and have never even been to Toledo:

People of Toledo, I am happy to receive your thanks.

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