To Deuce of Clubs

The Great
Bridge Walk
of Aught Three

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Sellwood Bridge

Ross Island Bridge

Marquam Bridge

Hawthorne Bridge

Morrison Bridge

Burnside Bridge

Steel Bridge

Broadway Bridge

Fremont Bridge

The Great Bridge Walk of Aught Three

Burnside Bridge

(Completed 1926)

On the staircase up to the Burnside Bridge, Wagner discovers he was perhaps wrong about hope.

In the southern view are the Morrison and Hawthorne bridges, backed by the hills of southwestern Portland.

To the north are visible the bridges Steel, Broadway, and Fremont.

To the west is a lighted sign that has been on display in Portland for years. It originally said "White Stag clothing," but when the White Stag company relocated, the "Made in Oregon" company stepped in and saved the sign, after its own fashion.

Seems to me that the nose used to be lit red only at X-mess time, but our bridgewalk was in November, 2003. Then again, stores start playing X-mess music sometimes in October, so I guess it's not that early.

In the plaza at the western base of Burnside Bridge Wagner encounters a word from back home: Gila.

It is part of a memorial to the victims of the government's arbitrary incarceration of a certain variety of Americans during the war.

The Gila camp was also known as the Florence Internment Camp, which was near Coolidge, Arizona.

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