To Deuce of Clubs

The Great
Bridge Walk
of Aught Three

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Sellwood Bridge

Ross Island Bridge

Marquam Bridge

Hawthorne Bridge

Morrison Bridge

Burnside Bridge

Steel Bridge

Broadway Bridge

Fremont Bridge

The Great Bridge Walk of Aught Three

Steel Bridge

(Completed 1912)

Above: Poetdog and Lars ponder the possible origins of the Steel Bridge's name.

The Steel Bridge has always been my favorite Portland bridge. They sure were naming bridges with a literal cast of mind back in 1912.

1912 is when Arizona became a state; wonder what Oregonians would have named it if they'd had the chance? Probably something like "Deserty State," though that would be misleading: did you know that Arizona has more forests than Wisconsin and Maine, and nearly as many as Michigan? Huh? Did ya? Don't you love tangents? That is, don't you just hate them?

It is becoming so very clear that I need to finish this section. Let us move on...

To the south, Burnside Bridge.

The ship (a "tramper vessel," apparently) docked on the east side of the Steel Bridge had an interesting name: SVETI VLAHO.

I took the photo because of the linkage to the name Vlahos.

Though SVETI VLAHO sounds like an epithet one might hurl at a Muscovite streetwalker, it is in fact the Russian name for St. Blaise, patron saint of the Croatian city of Dubrovnik.

Blaise is also listed as the patron saint of Wild Animals, Wool Combers, and Those With Maladies Of The Throat (because on his way to imprisonment Blaise is said to have healed a boy who had a fish bone stuck in his throat).

Blaise is not the patron saint of Those Lacking The Sense Not To Play On Railroad Tracks...

... such as Mister W.

Above the tracks can be seen the Broadway Bridge and, behind it, the Fremont Bridge.

On the east side of the Steel Bridge is a large storage facility claimed insufficient to house, including the book about Portland bridges that was written by Sharon Wood, a woman whose love for bridges is such that she ended up marrying a bridge engineer.

eBay, on the other hand, would fit anywhere. That is the strength of its business model.

" wouldn't fit here" wouldn't fit here

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