To Deuce of Clubs

The Great
Bridge Walk
of Aught Three

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Sellwood Bridge

Ross Island Bridge

Marquam Bridge

Hawthorne Bridge

Morrison Bridge

Burnside Bridge

Steel Bridge

Broadway Bridge

Fremont Bridge

The Great Bridge Walk of Aught Three

Fremont Bridge

(Completed 1973)

Unfortunately, as with the Marquam Bridge, pedestrians are barred from the Fremont Bridge (because it, too, is a freeway -- I-405, I think). Too bad; it's a beautiful view from up there.

Pretend that the second image is not merely an enlargement of the first.

We'd figured The Great Bridgewalk of Aught Three would take the better part of the day. It turned out to take just the morning & a little of the afternoon (as I recall, anyway). Afterward, well-deserved fish-&-chips were consumed at Burgerville, U.S.A.

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