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The Museum of Jurassic Technology Jubilee Catalogue (2002)

Trustees of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Information recently suffered the crippling setback of having a large portion of its holdings siezed by thieves as yet unknown. The kind and gracious response of DoC friends and readers (some of which is contained in the Ravers section) is aptly exemplified by the note pictured at right, from the staff of the Museum of Jurassic Technology.

(You may remember Wagner's visit to the Museum, the review of one of the Museum's fine publications, or both.)

The centerpiece of the Museum's contribution is their freshly published Jubilee Catalogue:

"As the Jubilee Catalogue, this publication is distinguished from the Treatise and all other publications which it succeeds and supplants. It is a catalogue in the sense that it contains the information usually given in catalogues; but it serves simultaneously as a Guide to the subject of the Lower Jurassic and is the most exhaustive work ever produced on that topic."

The Catalogue, a valued addition to the DoC library, is divided into two main sections, A MISCELLANY OF OBJECTS FROM THE FOUNDATION COLLECTION and EXHIBITS FROM THE PERMANENT COLLECTION. There is also an Appendix, featuring temporary exhibitions and a list of "esteemed individuals and organizations whose endeavors and practices have helped expand and influence the usefulness of the Museum" that includes names that will be familiar to the sort of person who reads Deuce of Clubs, e.g., Errol Morris, Lawrence Wechsler, and Jeffrey Vallance).
Along with the book, the Museum kindly sent a number of other fascinating museum objects. These and other quality items can be obtained directly from the Museum of Jurassic Technology's Museum Shop.

(Many thanks to the Museum and to all who have offered help, support, and comfort.)