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Gila Mon sent an inverted AOL box full of bizarreness. He explains the first item:

Date: Wed, 02 Aug 2000
From: gila_mon
Subject: Oooh, the glass

I hope you like the phallic Rim Country Review cover... when I saw that I just about peed my pants. I guess the art director was thinking with his... you know. The headlines were also easily converted into "porno" references... too easily.

There truly is a magazine or catalog for every interest.

Step aside, Vampira -- it's Vapora!

Nothing more entertaining than a didactic comic book. (Isn't that right, Officer Ugg?)

(Back cover)

This looks just ... wrong.

Vintage McGruff the Crime Dog envelope marking. Used to work with a bearded albino who sounded just like McGruff.

Did you know that cops actually get training on how to point those inaccurate radar guns at your car?

Hope that rumor about their effect on the human reproductive system is true. Last thing we need is cops breeding.

50 Officers Writing or Typing ... 50 Officers Dictating ... Six Lords a-Leaping ... and a Partridge in a Pear Tree.

Believe it or not, the cover illustration is credited to an actual "Staff Artist."

Looks like the Staff Artist is blind.

And at least some of his art is drawn by his dog.

Also included in the package was one of those Send Away for a Russian Bridge magazines.

Picked a winner, didn't I?

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