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The Road to MANDELAY

Dearest Deuce,

Without further DELAY here is the product that could change your life (if used properly, as approved by the FDA) ... the product that could bring a smile to your lips every day ... the product that would lure any sensible woman into your bed (if the Moratorium weren't in effect) ... MAN - DELAY! But have no fear, I have been unable to find an expiration date; you seem to have plenty of time.

F.Y.I. -- Since we were forced to dab a bit of MANDELAY on the grill of the truck in a wild hope that it would help us to escape from the evil clutches of PA, I was inevitably left with a mysterious MANDELAY residue on my thumb & forefinger. Strange. Very strange indeed. Not at all what I expected. First of all, it's colorless & odorless. (I was expecting something more like ... oh, I don't know ... novocaine.) Secondly, the mysterious residue. It was as if I had dipped my thumb & forefinger in a really weak wax. As an added bonus, they made a distinct squeaking sound when I rubbed them together. Very disturbing.

Conclusion: A condom would probably provide for a more effective DELAY in ejaculation with the perk of protecting against cooties AND pregnancy. I'll be sticking with condoms.


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