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A Gathering
at the
Mojave Phone Booth

27-28 August 1998

The trip photos aren't ready yet, but keep watching this page for further information and announcements. For now, here's a wire story that came out just before the trip & occasioned phone calls from as far away as Belgium and South Africa.

TEMPE, Arizona (Wireless Flash) -- A pay phone booth miles from civilization is turning into a bizarre tourist attraction.

The phone booth is off Interstate 15 in California's Mojave Desert and is located 15 miles from the nearest town -- literally in the middle of nowhere.

This Thursday night (Aug. 27), the remote phone booth will become a telephonic Mecca thanks to a Tempe, Arizona, man who is so fascinated with the pay phone booth that he's invited people from around the world to meet him in the desert and pay homage to the bizarre booth.

Computer expert Danneels admits he's so intrigued with the remote pay phone that he's dialed the number every day for more than a year just to see who might answer.

So far, he says the phone has only been picked up once -- by a woman who told him the booth has been in the middle of nowhere since the 1940s.

If you're interested in calling the boonies in the remote chance that someone will answer, here's the number: 760-733-9969.

To get to phone, take I-15 and get off at Cima Exit and follow telephone poles down dirt road.