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Next Wagner
An innocent pile of DVDs (depending upon one's definition of innocence)...
...and a dead composer (by pretty much anyone's definition of dead)...

...what could link them?

When my eyes opened one morning, they saw—what? Eternity in a grain of sand?

No—Wagner in a pile of DVDs:

(For help spotting the dead composer, squint. For more help, squint while sliding your cursor atop the image.)



Even my ma agreed that the photo of the DVDs resembles Wagner. My noticing the resemblance inspired in her a philosophical turn of thought, during which she surmised that my childhood red-and-blue-checked Sears curtains and bedspread (which would later turn up in some episodes of The Partridge Family) might have "done something" to my brain. "It would explain a few things," she suggested. Usually she attributes my brain to oxygen deprivation from the umbilical cord twisted around my neck when I was born, so this may represent some sort of progress. But the combination of red and blue definitely did something to my father's brain throughout my childhood.

All hail Sears and bad design choices.

(More on the bedroom decor of my youth)

Dead Composer Fiesta

I have sometimes see dead people. Usually, they are presidents (1, 2, 3).

Now it's a dead composer. Guess which composer.