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The next night I stayed at the Anaheim Motel 6. It was very clean, everything worked, I slept very well.

I mentioned the Kettle Motor Hotel (Mot-Hell, for short) to the Motel 6 desk clerk. "Are they still in business?" he asked. I described the disaster area that masqueraded as my nights accommodations. "Hmm . . . sounds like you got one of their good rooms," he said.

As long as I was at Motel 6, I took the opportunity to ask about a strange practice at a Phoenix Motel 6 franchise.
This Motel 6 has two signs, but for some reason, though they both advertise the "One Person" room, they're always $4 different from one another. It's not an accident, because every time the price of a room changes, the new advertised prices remain $4 apart.

This is the only complaint I have about my stay at the Anaheim Motel 6: the desk clerk had no enlightenment to offer about this puzzling Motel 6 practice.

18Feb98: Here's the answer.