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One morning we visited the kind folks at Laughing Scorpion Puppet Theater, which was waaaaay out on the playa.

We took this photo because both we and they were using popsicle sticks in unconventional ways.

It turned out that we had something else in common.

As we were leaving--literally, I mean, walking away--Juliet called after us that we couldn't leave without partaking of Cherry Clan candy.

Cherry Clan candy! Now, no one really knows me who doesn't know I love Cherry Clan candy.

This was Ted Casino shouting. Having recently visited Command Post Deuce for the first time, he'd seen the mountain of empty Cherry Clan boxes there. (In fact, I almost made a Cherry Clan bike instead of a Whipped Cream bike.)

I could not speak immediately. I was stunned. Finding Cherry Clan itself is hard enough; finding anyone who's heard of it is almost unheard of.

No Cherry Clan tastes as good as unexpected Cherry Clan.

This was my first chance to discover that, and discover it I did!

Expect more Cherry Clan information at Cherry Clan Obsession Center!

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