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Since I didn't end up driving Whip It!, I wanted to have some sort of Herb Alpert representation at BM97, so I made The Cream Pedaler, the Whipped Cream bike. I covered it with shreds leftover from my car. At night it was underlit by flourescent light, with small white lites around the front & rear albums. It was kind of treacherous to ride on the Playa, but I got used to it pretty quick, & was okay as long as people gave me enough room to turn around (usually no problem on the Playa).

Update, aug2004 -- Late one night a couple of weeks ago I was watching Naked States, an HBO show about Spencer Tunick's mass naked pictures. One segment, filmed at Burning Man 1997, has Tunick asking a reluctant woman to pose. Afterwards her friend says, "She's acting all coy & everything, but she's naked all the time!" And I realized -- hell, *I* have pictures of that woman.

Then, not half a minute later, there's a shot of a guy on a small bike & a guy on a tall bike riding toward the camera. Which would be not that big of a deal, ordinarily, except: it's me on the Cream Pedaler in my comically oversized David Byrne jumpsuit (fun to dance in!) and my pal Cheetah Frenzy on his little pink girl bike with the training wheels.

Now, courtesy of Brendan (whom you may remember for giving Wagner his fab-o-loose tour of Pixar Studios), you can experience the shock of recognizing someone you've never seen, right there on your HBO.

Tunick's shot uses us to frame the NO SPECTATORS sign, but one has to wonder what in hell we're spectating at—we sure didn't spectate Spencer Tunick's camera, that's for sure.
(Note Mister Frenzy's Motel 666 t-shirt, now sadly & mysteriously missing, as is mine.)
(See also the pre-BM Cream Pedaler page.)

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