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How to Explain
Farrah's Brain?

A Note
(08 August 1999)

Why do I use the form Playb0y? Because this page gets a LOT of hits. I knew there couldn't be that many Farrah fans typing "Farrah" in search engines. I figured the number of hits might be because of that magazine's name. So, in an attempt to fool the search engines, I intentionally misspelled it. I also intentionally misspelled the words "secks" and "arsh." (I also misspelled "arsh" to be an assonance -- look it up, pornhound -- for "Art." And I asked people to e-mail me & let me know how they landed on this page.

Then our site got referrer capability. As soon as I began checking the visitor logs, I was horrified to learn the truth. Turns out there really are that many Farrah fans typing "Farrah" in search engines. Even more horrifying: turns out there are lots & lots of morons who type "secks" into search engines. I wish I were lying to you. There are even idiots who type "Playb0y" into search engines. Gawd, I hope these people don't have driver's licenses.

Farrah Fawcett recently did some "work" for Playb0y magazine, most of which involved slathering herself with paint & blathering in print about "Art." The serious tone Farrah takes about her "Art" (coupled with her hophead appearance on the Letterman show) would seem to indicate that she has somehow managed to fry what little was left of what wasn't much of a brain to start with.

Now, I'm not saying there's not something to being drenched in paint & rolling around on a canvas. I'm just not sure it's Art. I don't think people bought Playb0y to admire Farrah's artistic talents. I think people bought Playb0y to admire certain other of Farrah's attributes (such as they are these days).

But to give Farrah the benefit of the doubt, I brought into the desert a toy representation of Farrah's head & shoulders, to let her try her Art in somewhat less prejudiced (which is to say, airbrushed) circumstances. Would people respond to Farrah's Art? Or would they respond to Farrah's Arsh?

So, Farrah--this is for you . . . and for Art!

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At the House of Doors

Preparing the Model / Artist

Farrah's First "Brushstroke" Severs Her Head

Farrah Seeks a Wider Palette

Demonstrating Proper Farrah Grip

Farrah Moves In Close for Detail Work

Details, Details!


Or Secks?

(Or Would You Prefer the Door Where Carol Merrill is Standing?)

The Finished

Farrah's art?

Or Farrah's secks?

Conclusion: It seems most people were not as interested in the canvas as they were in the nekkid pictures.

For most, this constitutes a sufficient answer to the question, Art or Secks?

What does Farrah think?

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