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Psychic Gum Blows
As part of this year's Burning Man preparations, I stamped--by hand--6,000 popsicle sticks with our web URL. We handed out the popsicle sticks to any & all, saying, "Save it for the Burn." Every fire needs kindling, after all.
What we kindled, however, were rumors. Strangely, many BM revelers concluded that there must be something chemically . . . interesting . . . about our popsicle sticks.

I guess it didn't help that we were also handing out sticks of Psychic Gum (whose wrappers advertise a Mexican psychic phone line). I'd bought bags full of the stuff so I could use the wrappers for an art project. This left the gum & the inner wrapper--exactly what you'd have, I suppose, if you'd laced a whole batch.

It was an interesting experiment. In an ordinary city, researchers have found that people will often refuse dollar bills offered by strangers. At BM, it's the opposite. Not only will people readily accept anything they're offered, they'll even thank you for it. Only one person refused a popsicle stick, saying she wasn't about to haul around a popsicle stick if she couldn't be sure it was laced. Guess she liked travelling light.

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