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If you happen not to be similarly executive branch-afflicted and are having a hard time spotting Mr. Perestroika, just run your cursor over the photo (requires Javascript).

As of 20may2010, the master list of ex-presidential shadow apparitions is as follows:

Clinton (or, as seems possible now, Yeltsin)
Nixon and LBJ

Throw in a Wagner and you have all the makings of early onset dementia. Hooray!

A: Gorbachev!
Q: What happens when you sneeze as your photo is being taken?

Last night, a friend we'll call Betty posted a photo of herself in which it seemed to me her shadow looked like a crone. In response, another friend, whom we'll also call Betty (in honor of the great soul/r&b Bettys and Bettyes of the 1960s) posted a photo of herself with what she saw as another crone shadow.

First thought: Fabulous photo.

Second thought: Say, that's no crone—that's ex-Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev!

So, either my president-seeing problem has returned or Gorbachev (a.k.a. Gormbachev) really is The Antichrist.





(Gracias a Betty)