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Morton Gould

From: VP, Marketing Dept.
To: Graphic Arts Dept.
Subject: Grand Canyon Suite

Refresh my recall for me, won't you? Did I ask for a picture of the Grand Canyon, or some faggy watercolor of Georgia O'Keefe knows what? Since we're both familiar with my history of hating faggy watercolors, I'll just assume you know the correct answer to that question.

Just because we've got "Bolero" on the same record doesn't give you a license to be stupid. I hate to think what you'd have come up with if I'd given you even less explicit direction.

Everyone knows what a Grand Canyon picture looks like. Get me one.

(Also, next time I come down to the basement I'd better not smell any more of that "incense." Got me? You guys know what the hell I'm talking about.)

Ain't it just Grand?

To Deuce of Clubs