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Valley of the Sun Suite

From the reverse:

"VALLEY OF THE SUN SUITE is the first and only musical story of the miracle of reclamation, and is basically the story of the SALT RIVER PROJECT [which provided] a firm foundation for the growing metropolis the Salt River Valley supports today." Yes. What was once a beautiful little desert valley is now an overcrowded concrete landing pad for mosquitos; how appropriate is the line from the description of the Suite's 3rd movement: "The people thanked God that they had made the valley full of ditches."

This copy of the LP was presented to someone with the last name Perry, by Vic Corbell, was the president of the Salt River Project. Below is Corbell (on the right) presenting the Corbell Cup to ASU basketball coach Ned Wulk sometime in the 1960s. Corbell was a guy what done a lot of presenting.

Ain't it just Grand?

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