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Warnings, Part Deuce

"Pull Up!"

"Don't Sink"

(If you missed Warnings, Part Ace, take a look at that first)

We believe you: we believe it says, "DON'T SINK," not "DON'T THINK."

But we still think it sounds like "DON'T THINK."

Writes our generous contributor, SM:

You're probably being bombarded with sound files, and other internet detrius. Anyhow, here are recordings of "The Bitch" from a Douglas DC-8.

I can see how people would mistake "Don't Sink" for "Don't think". Hell there are times where obvious solutions in a crisis seem questionable. I wish I had someone to come along and say, "DO IT BITCH".

Ha! While lifting at the gym the other week, could've sworn the trainer shouted, "Get it up there, you BITCH!"

Turns out he said something entirely different. Also turns out it's difficult to lift & laugh at the same time.

Hmmm I smell internet service IPO...

I could spend a couple years calling people and telling them to do something without rational thought, then retire.

Wait, we already have <establishment of your choice>.

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