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Warnings, Part Ace


Hope you enjoy these additions to your doorway collection.

The sticker is from a 737 nacelle, so it should be able to withstand an AZ summer.

Doug H.

(The nacelle is basically the engine's cowling. The sticker is usually accompanied by the stenciled warning "NO STEP." There are many stories about that -- used to work at an airline, see -- but what's important here is to note that Mojave Phone Booth Glass awaits the person who sends us tape -- or even a .wav or MP3 -- of the cockpit warning system saying, "PULL UP! PULL UP!" and "DON'T THINK!")
Note (28jun2000): The challenge has been met...

(Yes, the recordings really do say that.)

18 June: Or DO they? Doug responds:

The GPWS says "DON'T SINK" not "DON'T THINK"!

Perhaps you had a Freudian slip and really meant to say "don't sink". But you know "don't think" has allot of potential, kinda like "just do it", "just say no", "don't ask don't tell", "we are the world", et al. Finally a universal slogan that promotes stupidity directly - just what our big corporations and bigger governments need. You are geniuses! Larry Tate and Darrin Stevens ain't got nuttin' on you'se guys!

Ay. The death of yet another Beautiful Idea...

And yet ... a new Birth: see Warning, Part Deuce

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