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Farrah on a stick

Farrah ... Secks! Secks! Secks! Secks!

(Note: that was for scientific purposes only.)

"Farrah on a stick" -- the new curse phrase that's sweeping America?


Just the head of Farrah on a stick. A sticky stick, in fact -- though Jess claims the stickiness is entirely attributable to the price tag. Uh-huh. Yep.

We have wished at times that we didn't just abandon Farrah's head on the door (Cure jokes need not apply), at the House of Doors at Burning Man 97. This eases the pain and guilt some.

(Jess also sent a book, All About Saw Palmetto. The thought is appreciated; unfortunately, the All About... project has been aborted.)

(Donated by Jess)

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