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Visit the sewers of Paris

Dear Sir:

Enclosed is a bag I got in Paris. The translation is: "Visit the Sewers of Paris." Which I did. They are actually quite nice and there is a lot of history behind them. They were even featured in Les Miserables, by Victor Hugo. Also enclosed is a sticker that reads "Pimp to Eat." Don't ask me why. I got it at a show by Kool Keith, an MC.

In return, I would like a piece of glass from the booth. Actually, could I have 2? I'd like to give one to this girl I like. Perhaps the booth could intervene from phone booth heaven on my behalf.

Well, I hate to write short letters, so I'll tell you something about myself. I'm 19 and I work in a cookie factory. I also go to college at NC State. Not very much is interesting about me, but I've seen some odd stuff. Once I was walking to the barber shop near my house and I saw this guy coming toward me in a wheelchair, except his head was hanging down on his left shoulder. He said, "Hey! Could you help me?" I said sure. Then he asked me to put his head back in the neck brace that was attached to his wheelchair. I guess he was a quadraplegic and his head had slipped loose. It was strange.

Anyways, take care!


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