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Mojave Mail Archive #2

From: Tamara
Date: Mon, 2 Aug 1999

Hey! I just wanted to tell you I saw the front page of the Las Vegas Review Journal. NICE!!!!! You have got me soooo intrigued. I went to your site and read all about it. I'm going to the phone on Friday!!! Just for the hell of it. I can't wait. I get lost too easily so I hope it is not hard to find. Thanks a million!

if i got lost easily, i would think twice about heading into the mojave. especially at this time of year! you're not planning on going out there alone, are you? the safest thing would be to have more than one vehicle going, in case one breaks down. also, the dirt trails are really messed up right now. the reporter who wrote the review-journal story got stuck!

take lots of WATER. no joke. it's easy to die in the desert. and take a GOOD map (preferably a topo). and a cell phone would be a wise accessory.

Date: Mon, 2 Aug 1999
From: Jesuo Iesus
Subject: Booth or no Booth ?That is the question !

This is important stuff concerning the booth that even God forgot. Please bear in mind that I have been studying you webproduct for about three days & that it is now 2:38AM & I have to get out for work at 6:25AM. Please give this email deserved attention !


Sorry. For the record I am from the Netherlands. 1st of all I want to set a few records straight. I have discovered that many significant 'facts' concerning the Mojavo Booth (MB) are completely false or at best contempory rationalizations of time/space curves... The 1st and most important false fact originates from your 1st realized telephone connection with the lovely woman of the Mines. Yes, the woman lured you into the story that the booth was for the convenience of the miners. Ah, those women..after Eve you can never trust them again... But IF this was TRUE why then was it placed at such an akward place ? Well, as in many more cases the answer can be found in history. Little Big Man's Jack Crabb (you know the only white survivor of the battle at little Big Horn aka Custards Last Stand; get that movie at your local videorental) declared on his dying bed that the only true origin of the MB is that it was General Custard's place where He prepared His Holy Slaughters. It was there that he sat on his shitbox contemplating tactics&strategies of his underpaid task. I truly hope that it is not too disappointing 4U & all of your www Netcitizens to accept now that the booth is nothing more than a planological ERROR!

When charting the overwon Wild West, some public servant from Washington DC was in very close contact with Jack when details concerning landscape/culture/history etc. were to be added. Now you probably realise that Jackieboy was older than most cactuses when requested to fullfil this noble task and his last dental appointment was almost 37 years ago ! So what happened that when Jack mentioned the historical-relevant exact spot of Gen. C's mental work he DID say "This was the place of the Shitting Hole" the ignorant bureaucrat misheard and wrote down "Telephone". It is easy to see that this is exactly what happened because phones emerged well after the slaying of Custer; before they only had telegraph ! I hope that your site will reflect this fact ASAP ! ! !

ANOTHER MATTER: Last year I cruised the area between LA, SF and Las Vegas (I missed the Booth/Hole) and was horrified to notice the overwhelming presence of the Mac (yac!; expr. of disgust). Now I am afraid that given the spread of your intruiging site soon MB will be overwalled curiousity of the home of the CrapBurger! Please prevent this and contact Dell Taco or Arby so that they can lay the 1st brick. Also given the deserved attention of not-so-small portions of the worldpopulation I would suggest installing a Coke-machine & a (safe-sex) Condommachine. Also for sponsor-purposes I'd like to advise digging of a wishing well. Hey, I know it aint Disneyland but look ahead !

BTW I heard another absurd gossip which claimed the MB was actually a product of some not-too-clumsy but not altogether-brilliant handyman who wastes his live impersonating the star of the BBC series Dr. Who ! I hope you in the US know this curly-haired lost exponent of the sixties who travels through space&time with his faithfull oldfashioned red UK telephone booth ! Yeah right ! Beam me up, Scotty. Get the f*** out of here, moron. You know when I landed at this site I got the same admiration for the booth as the booth in Accidental Hero. But hey, U KNOW right now, that MB is not a Booth.

LAST REMARK for now: I kept your URL on a ripped out piece of paper from a Dutch mag (clipping included on your site) and this gives us a wise lesson. "Do not overestimate the importance of 'major' themes, priorities or queste's; dare to 'waste' time&energy on seemingly trivial loose details. The will give you an endless supply of joy, relaxation and relativism. Oh yes, and a far more intense sexlife ! (This is my experience which my girlfriend will not understand ! Oh, women, since Eve...)

So long, Deuce. I do hope that you will add this email to your webpages. If not for any reason please inform me, I will amend it until U do. ;-)

Best regards from the Netherlands !

Mark Houben(3:26AM)
Best Regards,
Jesai Iesus, the man the world lost !

From: Behuva
Date: Mon, 2 Aug 1999


Read the front page article of the LV Review-Journal Aug 1 and discovered your website. Fascinating and refreshing to the soul, to say the least...

We live here in Las Vegas and the first free weekend we have, we're on a road trip to experience the phone booth for ourselves.

A question of booth protocol: should we be at the booth and the phone starts to ring, do we answer with the customary "Hello?" or should we answer with "Yo, Deuce..."??

whatever comes to you at the moment. improvisation is the soul of fun
Glad to see there are still other loonies in the world....Peace.....

The Buddha Bellies Band

Date: Sun, 1 Aug 1999
From: Garmonbozia
Subject: gnu stuff

that's the only article i've seen that doesn't seem hell-bent on painting you as a raving nutjob. i don't think i've looked at all of them, but most seem to be trying to goad you into admitting to being dangerously obsessed. seems like the journalistic integrity is strong in las vegas... hey, just ask hunter thompson.

From: sunburstUSA
Date: Sun, 1 Aug 1999

Is this booth for real? Or is it one of those hoax's liked the lunar landing in July 1969, That was phoney too.

Ok? How much are you asking for in donations?

Your pal with a cellular

From: Arick G
Subject: URL in the newspaper
Date: Sun, 1 Aug 1999

Hey just thought I would drop you a line letting you know that your webpage made our newspaper.... I am in Las Vegas and in was in the Las Vegas Review Journal. The front page of the sunday paper... :-) GREAT SITE!

Date: Sun, 01 Aug 1999
From: Larry

I'm a retired UNLV biology professor who has traveled extensively in the desert backcountry. I'd never heard of the MDPB before today. Neat story, great web site!

Henderson, NV


henderson, eh? did you perhaps stumble across this part of my site?

From: cK
Subject: the Mojawe booth in Germany
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 1999 16:09:49 +0200

Hola Deuce..

it was real fun to read something about your Mojawe booth in one of the major German Internet magazines calles Konr@d. The article is attached. I think the whole story is so crazy that one canīt do anything else but to love it. And there is no doubt for me that next time I am near Las Vegas Iīll make a trip. Just to have seen it by myself. cK

From: Babstoy
Subject: phone booths of the midwest
Date: Thu, 29 Jul 1999

Hi there! I happened onto your Mojave Phone Booth story in Tavel & Leisure mag. I wanted to tell you about my own phone booth project/obsession. I'm photographing the remaining ones in and around Omaha. if you are the least bit interested, I'll let you know how it's going, and if I manage to have a gallery showing. let me know OK? Babstoy

very interested, please tell me more. (have you looked at ? you might find some nebraska payphones listed ... though i don't know whether they'd be booths or not)

From: Eric R.
Subject: Phone booth hjinx
Date: Wed, 28 Jul 1999

Hi there! I was just browsing your site because a friend recommended it. Read up on the phone booth hijinx (just how DO you spell that word, anyways? My spell checker HAS to know!) and I must say it was a fantastic read. Great stuff!

Date: Wed, 28 Jul 1999
From: Kerry

Did you know that you made it into the latest issue of "travel and leisure"? just thought I would let you know.

From: Victor
Date: Sun, 25 Jul 1999
Subject: Cima Telephone...Lorene

Just read the info on your website. I have used that telephone hundreds of times while out there on business. I am a desert tortoise surveyor and I have worked on dozens of projects in the area. Some of my clients have been/are: the Mojave National Preserve, Ponderosa Telephone, Viceroy Gold, Sprint Communications, and of course Lorene and her husband at the Cima Cinder Mine!

I will be working on their desert tortoise survey (actually a survey for the Mojave National Preserve) on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (July 27 - 29). I am sure that I will see Lorene and I will show her a printout of your web page.

Date: Sat, 24 Jul 1999 19:15:07 -0700

if you would like to see a picture of the phonebooth and a little information...we have lots of stories my whole family does we can all email you!!

My webpage is from there you hit the Taylor Made Page and WaLL La!!! you will see the phonebooth.
wow ... when was that photo taken? i see that in the photo the booth still has its glass (at least, the glass plates that say "phone")
My dad and mom used to live out at the mine years and years ago because my dad worked there. Remember getting on Cima Road after you got off Interstate 15? and you saw a has been Stuckeys? well... My parents place is right there My dad has his own personal junkyard) lots of old cars that people have left on the highway and he bought them from those poor broke souls. Anyway...we are very familar with that phonebooth and it was so ironic that you now have a webpage for many memories...I don't know how old you are but in my younger years I was going to send a picture of it to the Program Real People because they had a segment of things that are set in strange and unusual places and that phone booth was on my mind...never did though...well...anyway...thought you might like to hear from people with personal experiences....I live in Washington State now with my family...but try to get to that phonebooth on every vacation when we head down there... Thanks for your time...
most definitely! let me know if you have photos / booth anecdotes you'd like me to add to the site

Date: Wed, 21 Jul 1999
From: Christian

Hi everybody!

Christian from the Austrian magazin TOOLS+TOYS. This publication deals with topics from the digital world in a very attractive and extravagant way. Some (very gentle people) like to call us the Rock nīRoll-magazine of the Generation @. The mag is published in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. The successful debut has been in June.

Well, now I have heard of the booth in the desert. Cool! I want to show it in our forthcoming issue in september. Now my demand: Do you guys own a cool picture of this booth? If yes: Would you be so kind to send it????


Highest respect, Christian

From: boxcar
Date: Sun, 18 Jul 1999
Subject: Booth flag???

Your site on the Mojave Phone Booth is an item of wonder and something to be marvelled at.

As no doubt the Booth itself is - whenever I make it to USA I'm gonna visit.
it will probably seem a lot like like australia!
I'm wondering if I could donate something to the Booth's environment - it might give it a mysterious yet thought-provoking Australian flavour... If I mailed you a Western Australian state flag, would you mount in near/on the Booth during your next visit?? I love the Booth, but as a vexillologist had a sneaking feeling something was missing from the Booth Experience...and I realised it's a flag. Or would a flag be too nationalistic? Even one from abroad? (Thought: maybe you could design a Booth flag!).

So, if you feel a flag would be appropriate, let me know and I'll pop one in the post.

we had planned to put up a flag at one point, but when we saw what happens to other things we leave there, we realized a flag would last about a month out there! but thanks anyhow. maybe you have an australian flag sticker or something -- i'd be happy to leave that there for you

Date: Sun, 18 Jul 1999
From: sdarling
Subject: The Boothe

My Dear Deuce,

Hey there...

(I am spelling boothe with an "e", because I like the way it sorta puts that "oomph" on the end.... Boo-THE )

It is so late here I can't quite remember how I came across your site. But here I am just the same. In 1973, when I was 14 years old, I lived in a little place(let me stress LITTLE) called Halloran Summit. It consisted of a gas station, snack bar, and 4 or 5 of which I lived with my mother, she worked for the station keeping books or something or other. Halloran Summit is 20 miles from Baker, on the way to Vegas.......

it's still there (as is the gas station)
and it is too late for me to figure out longitude and latitude ....anyway... I use to ride my dirt bike for miles into the desert, out to cinder mines...and there was a phone boothe...and I thought there was more than one...but...when I used it had a crank on it.... no rotary or touch tone.. Could this be the same boothe you have made famous?
the booth is indeed in the midst of the cinder fields, near aikens mine.
I would love to visit it again if it is the same one .... I would love to visit it even if it was not the same one..
it is most easily reached via the cima road exit. there is a little food mart there. used to be a gas station, but their tanks leak and so they have been shut down & can't sell gas until they fix the tanks -- a very expensive fix.
So.... I guess my big question is.... (since you have been there) is Halloran Summit anywhere near this infamous phone boothe?


it is.

Date: Tue, 13 Jul 1999
From: charles atlas sheppard
Subject: site of the moment

My co-editor Paul McKinnon sent me your link about the Mojave Desert Phone Booth Saga. I had no idea what to think at first. "Some crackpot wants to make a web-site about a phone booth in the desert?"

I realize it all makes sense somehow. It is one of those delightful pointless Grail Questings that legends are made of. I read of your account of the Burning Man , The Whip-it! girls, Bun Man, blizzards, buried treasure, phone calls with deep fascination wishing I truly had been there.

I am going to include your link as my LINK OF THE MOMENT, (which lasts about a month) on my website The Nepenthe Journal.

Keep up the good work and please keep me informed of any more news.

From: DNess
Date: Sat, 10 Jul 1999
Subject: another desert booth

We've been out to the desert today. (My friend has come from Berlin Germany to learn more about this desert phenomenon.) Thunderstorms and flooding prevented us from getting to "the booth". However, we came across another booth at an abandoned train depot in the East Mojave.

The number is 760-733-9902.

Nobody seems to be there to answer its phone, either.

yeah, that's the old kelso depot. very beautiful. (did you see the kelso dunes in the rain? beautiful)

From: Robert Zeithammel
Subject: Interview on Bavarian Radio
Date: Sat, 10 Jul 1999

Hi Deuce,

sorry it took me so long to get in touch with you. I hope you still remember the interview we did last week, which was aired an hour later on Bayern3 radio. You can check out our website, where you can find the initial piece on the Mojave phone (it was one of our websites of the week) and our interview.

If you want to know how the interview sounded like, you can listen to to it:

I hope you like it and I'm looking forward to go to the Mojave Phone in September. Please send me e-mail when you know when you'll be there. I'm going to contact you as soon as I'm in San Francisco.

From: The Hateful Donut
Subject: Getting a photo of the word PHOTO among other things
Date: Fri, 9 Jul 1999

Hi! Kudos on the Mojave Phone site--I just spent the better part of two hours poking around it. Sounds like something I'd do (and maybe WILL do the next time I go to Vegas).

If you're looking to get a decent Ariel photo of the phone (and the quartz rocks), you might try hooking up a disposable camera to a kite. There's a guy in the Bay Area who specializes in doing just that, and his website is pretty nifty.

In any case, say hi to Wagner for me. He rocks.

wagner says, "danke"

From: Gareth
Subject: South African Visit to the booth
Date: Thu, 8 Jul 1999

Good evening (whenever you recieve this it should be evening somewhere)

I have spent 2 days reading through your site....and well...I've come to realise that it was my destiny (or not) to go to the a couple of mates and I were thinking of doing a South African Booth 2000 tour next year...are you guys planning anything for thn yet....perhaps we could all meet up or something. I think I got to get back to work now...I've spent the past 2 days browsing the site (when I should have been helping my boss bring the web servers back up) ...

Date: Wed, 07 Jul 1999
From: Jon Smith

hello hello. I found an article in this week's Las Vegas Weekly about your telephone, and decided to check out the site. I find myself intrigued. This may be because I just got back from a weekend road trip of coin-flip-determined highways and consequently had to undergo minor sleep deprivation and caffination in order to make it back to my job today. Ordinarily I would probably not stop at this, but I am having a hard time supressing the same part of me that was giddy this whole weekend, and he is still lingering, urging me to read more of your site. It really doesn't matter. I just had the urge to write you and tell you all this. And now its' done, so I guess this letter is, too.

danke, sir. keep spending billable hours reading my site. it will make this world a better place. believe me

Date: Tue, 06 Jul 1999
From: Matthew W. Spaulding

Hello, My name is Matt Spaulding and I live in OH. My wife and I recently visited Las Vegas and trekked over to Los Angeles to see a long time friend. Before our trip we caught a segment on the news talking about a trip down I-15 in the Mojave Desert. Since i had been planning our route that night, i was amazed to hear this. so I got on the web, found all of these sites about the phone booth and decided to visit it. It wasn't as hard to find as i had thought but, it wasn't that easy either. Anyways, most people we tell about our adventure do nothing more that give us a puzzled look ?????????? Until we explain the story, then only half give us a puzzled look. We signed our names on the booth and took some pics to put on our own web sites. So keep spreading the word and keep this booth on the map. Also....... Let me know if there is documentation of someone visiting from farther than Toledo OH. ( just for S**ts and Grins )

this last trip featured a visitor from new york city. lo siento mucho, senor!

From: Charles
Subject: Because it was there.
Date: Sun, 4 Jul 1999

Doubting thomases that I know prompted me to prove the existance of the booth today. We managed to add the area code to the phone number. Pics to be posted as soon as my disposable camera comes back from the cleaners.

Got one solicited call and three unsolicited calls in the hour and a half that we were there.

Subject: heya
Date: Sun, 4 Jul 1999
From: Martin D

Well then.. there was me thinking that I'd come across your site two days too late to give you a call on the 1st of July. 'Oh well', I thought, 'what the hell, why not give the number a call anywho'. And what happens? Somebody picks up (and it was you of all people! :)

we had at first thought we'd be there just for the day (july 1st). then we stayed the night. then another. it's kind of addictive!
Anyway, I'm that guy from Glasgow in Scotland who called a few times.. and ended up playing you Monty Python clips over the phone.

But the thing that surprised me the most? I wasn't the first one from Glasgow to have called!

that was strange. and, in fact, they called not long before you did. odd coincidence!

Date: Fri, 2 Jul 1999
From: some chick
Subject: cabbage leaves and cutlery

hey deuce. this is elisa (chick from denver). i just talked to you on that legendary desert phone about five minutes ago, which is an amazing thing to me. in a life filled with mindless tedium and the void, desolate pursuit of happiness and the ultimate "it" via grunt jobs and wage slaving, it is refreshing... no... replenishing to find someone with his finger on the pulse of life's true nature: killing time in the most amusing way possible.

especially WORK time!
ok. that was slightly lofty and long-winded. say.. did you ever see that episode of space ghost coast-to-coast with david byrne as a guest? don't know when it was aired originally, but i do remember that they had a conversation about salad. david byrne says that he doesn't consider himself a "crouton man".
i did see that, in fact. did you see the space ghost episode featuring my statue of wagner?
as soon as i slave the HD with all of my graphics on it, i will begin the construction of it was sort of spawned from a grudge someone holds against me... it's about that nine inch nails song, "reptile". i have a static IP: i have a midi version of "reptile", which is tedious in the way that all midis are. unsure as of yet what to do for content. liars, and the like... hm. oh, and i've put the phone booth business into a category i call "cabbage leaves and cutlery", which i stole from douglas adams' dirk gently's holistic detective agency. he's describing the way a couch felt " it was filled with cabbage leaves and cutlery". basically, just random, random... stuff that fits into no other category. in fact, i have a similarly random pursuit which involves the name sarikei. but this email is getting needlessly long. ask sometime if you're curious. there's plenty more cabbage leaves and cutlery, if you're ever interested.
say on
enjoy all of that freakin spare time you have. elisa
i do. believe me, i do.

Date: Fri, 02 Jul 1999
From: Kerry
Subject: fun in the sun.

I hope you had a great time at the booth. We were caller #105 from South Carolina and we hear from caller #160 that their were a lot of calls from SC. (yeah SC!)

We passed the word around from SC to England to Japan!

Anyhow, we will send you some International Pancake Society stickers in the mail soon. (and maybe some "South of the Border" stickers as well.)

Keep up the pilgrimmage! maybe we'll see you there someday.

kerry and emily.

p.s. listed you. (friday july 2nd.)

Date: Fri, 2 Jul 1999
From: Dawn Sebock

I stumbled upon your site today and have spent the first part of my 4th of July weekend reading all about your phone booth. I cannot tell you how excited I was to have found out about this when I did, because you all happened to be camping out there today and answered the phone when I called. Now, on our roadtrip to Vegas next weekend, we have another stop off at the booth, place a billion calls, and bury some stuff of our own. We're all a bunch of film students making the trip (from Cleveland and Florida) and we'll be making our own little documentary about the whole thing. I'd love to get some specific directions to the booth (I know to exit Cima Rd. and go right) so we're not lost some where in the desert (which has happened to us before) and the directions I got from the gal who answered the phone today...well, I wrote them on a slip of paper that my puppy used as her own personal toilet. Can't wait to hear about your trip and next time you guys camp out, we'd love to join you.

Date: Thu, 01 Jul 1999
From: Carrie S
Subject: Today's Booth trip

Hey Deuce!

How was the gathering?? I will be looking forward to hearing about it...was the sacred site still pristine? :) I really wanted to come along, but things just got in the way...I guess it's for the best really - by some weird twist of fate, my car pooped out on the freeway today - spooky! I'm glad it was here in tow truck-accessible San Diego and not somewhere in the Mojave...but I WILL try to call this evening or tomorrow morning! When are you planning the next pilgrimage? hehe...keep me posted!

Date: Thu, 01 Jul 1999
From: Holger
Subject: Greetings from Germany

Have fun on your trip to the 'middle of nowhere'. You should get a call on July, 1st at approx 10:00 pm (your local time) which is here in my office in Germany 07:00 am on July, 2nd.


From: Courtney Gwyn
Date: Mon, 28 Jun 1999

Hey Deuce, I've enjoyed wandering through your site. I was out in California during Christmas and visited Joshua Tree National Park. I've always lived near the Atlantic, and believed I had to be near it to be happy. After seeing the desert I'm reconsidering.

I got myself on old Suburban, and an even older Airstream and am living for the day that I can hoard enough time and money to see the West properly.

PS I told a friend about your site. He responded by saying you had too much free time. I smacked him on the back of the head for you.

thank you. the work continues.

From: Alex (.nl)
Subject: Phonebooth
Date: Wed, 23 Jun 1999

Pretty cool website about the phonebooth... I enjoyed reading the story.. got any idea how many visitors you get on the site each day?

up to a couple thousand per day, depending upon where it gets mentioned elsewhere
Anyways.. also tried the number.. no answer.. guess I am part of the phonebooth- worshippers as well =)

Date: Wed, 23 Jun 1999
From: Rueschenschulte Holger

Hi there,

me and my collegues had fun while visiting your website.
On July, 1st we will be at the phone.
You wrote that you will probably there at about noon.
BUT not which time timezone you are. (Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago or NY)
We are at MEST (Berlin, Paris) which is Zulu or GMT + 2.

i believe the Booth is at GMT -7
Let me know when we have to ring you up.
Probably we will ring you up during our duty hours on Friday (07:00 - 17:00 MEST).

We will be there !!!

Best regards

Date: Tue, 22 Jun 1999
From: Carrie S

Hey Deuce!

Recently I stumbled upon your page about the Mojave Phone Booth, I love it!! It's so funny, yet fascinating in a weird way. I guess I am hooked now...I live in San Diego, so I am not too far from it...July 1, eh? I will see if I can make it on the 1st, but that might not happen if the car continues to be evil and lands in the shop. If that happens, I'll just call. I've called the booth from time to time but there was no answer (surprise, surprise). It IS a pretty cool feeling to know that you're making a phone ring in the middle of nowhere, though.

Talk to you later!

From: Etienne
Subject: Amazing
Date: Tue, 22 Jun 1999

I was very amazed by your story and read it with great fun. I live in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and i'm coming over to The States in January next year. You definetly gave me a new travelgoal.

Keep up the good work and i'll try to call you on the first of july.

Date: Mon, 21 Jun 1999
From: Craig

Is that Wagner cavorting with deadbolt?

I am amazed at your mojave phone booth site. I love it. To think I could have found it sooner, if I had just gone further than your cockeye page a half a year ago.

Anyway, love your work, keep it up.

Date: Sun, 20 Jun 1999
From: Doug Smith
Organization: Ham Radio W9WI
Subject: Mojave phone booth site - wow!

Well, between you and the folks at, you've blown about 3 hours of my time [g].

This is an amazing bit of Americana. Can't remember the last time I've found a site this interesting.

Unfortunately it's going to be 2 years before I get 4 weeks of vacation and have enough time off to get to California again. I'll have to settle for an attempt to visit the ghost town of Warmley, Saskatchewan this summer. (why Warmley is the subject of another, similar, story told in the "VHF-UHF Digest", a newsletter for folks interested in long-distance antenna TV reception...)

Date: 17 Jun 99
From: Michael C.Rush
Subject: FYI

Hey. Just perused your site and enjoyed it very much. Kind of in my neck of the woods, as I currently live in Vegas and used to live in Phoenix and Tucson. Out of curiosity, I did a search on Bibliofind to see what Dennis Casebier's book might be selling for. Looks like you got a great deal, as they list it at $85!

Anyway, it's a great, odd little site, which I shall now return to and continue reading.

From: Russo Russo
Date: Tue, 15 Jun 1999

Hey, Love the site, love the concept.

If i had the cash and could i would make the pilgramige... but im a broke 17 year old ... but ... keep me updated...

thanks for giving me a new mission in life. (to make the phone booth some day)

Date: Fri, 11 Jun 1999
From: John S.
Subject: Mojave Payphone Update

Well, it seems as though the payphone is up and running. I got it to ring last night. I decided to start a mailing list dedicated to the payphone.

Date: Wed, 9 Jun 1999
From: Joeseephus Schmuckatello
Subject: Repairing Phone Booth TODAY

Hello Deuce,
Cinder Peak phone booth is ticketed for repair today, I spoke with Pac Bell, they have the number as a phone booth in BERKELEY? They are looking into that. They finally found the Cinder Peak booth, 760-733-9969 and assure that the repair will happen today. They asked for any special access needed, I answered only patience and a good sense of direction. May visit with you and the "Booth" in Aug, the planning has started.

Date: Thu, 03 Jun 1999
From: John S.
Subject: Mojave Payphone update

Hey Deuce, Last night I was checking out your site and decided to give the pay phone a call. Busy, so I kept browsing further into your pages, and noticed your note saying the pay phone was broken. I called the pac bell service number on your page and reported the problem, the operator said she has a repair service ticket on that phone for the 7th of this month! Just though I'd keep you informed.

Thanks for the entertainment.

From: MdmDuritz
Date: Thu, 3 Jun 1999
Subject: phone booth excursions

hey there deuce! my name is donna and i'm from staten island, ny. i felt the need to tell you that, i'm not quite sure why - lol.

maybe because that's where joe banks was from
okay, so my friend posted the link to your website about the mojave phone booth on a whim. it was our random link of the day. what compelled me to go there i can not say, but i literally spent an hour looking around and reading all about your phone booth excursions.

i just wanted to say that i find it so extremely cool that you did something like that. i can tell that if we lived in close proximity to one another, we'd be friends and i'd have come with you on your various trips. sounds like the random thing i would do.

well, people from the east have joined in my adventures before. and, in fact, someone from nyc is going to be visiting the booth at the end of june. i'll probably be out there, too. so you can call or visit -- randomly!
well, i look forward to reading further information on the phone booth and other random things you'll do.

the world needs more spontaneous adventurous people like you.

take care,
donna :)

if i had been a girl, my ma was going to name me donna

Date: Wed, 02 Jun 1999
From: Andria
Subject: 760.733.9969

Yeah, it's on the speed dial of every damn phone we own.

Call from home in the morning.

Call from the cell phone walking down the street.

You know the routine.

all too well! the good news is that pac-bell promises to have the phone back in operation within 48 hours. we'll see. (if they *don't*, well ... it won't be funny what happens then!)
So, Deuce, you've made a pretty wonderful site about this booth! I sent the URL to my sister and she freaked, said she had a photo of the two of you together. Don't get scared, I think it was from some Art Car festival. She's with the Telluride Colorado crew, the ones with the old station wagon with the mountains and valleys and waterfall on it.

Anyway, she and I are heading out to the Mojave booth. I'm coming out from New York City, she from Telluride. (We're actually making our rendezvous in Vegas before driving up to Bear Valley together for the weekend. On the Monday following, before I fly back to the big bad city, we're making the voyage into the desert.)

Who's come the farthest to make a call, do you know? If we're able to assume some mystical mantle for the distance of our voyage, we'd love to know.

the furthest i know of is a woman from louisiana, who came to visit her boyfriend in california & got him to drive her out there. while they were there, a woman called from new zealand. she said she'd read about it in a nz newspaper. wish i had a copy of that article.
Thanks for your great site, and for inspiring such rabid silliness. Lives will be changed because of this, you know.
that would be fine by me. (but as long as billable hours are spent on my site, i'm happy as can be)
All my best, and maybe we'll see you out there!

Date: Sun, 23 May 1999
From: Lazlo Nibble
Subject: Saw this; thought of you

From Sad Sack Laugh Special, September 1973, No. 73.

From: fingers
Date: Thu, 13 May 1999
Subject: ALERT

I just saw a US WEST commercial for dialing 411 for information, and it showed a corporate office placing a phone call. Then it showed a phone ringing in a remote desert location that had to be in the southwest, then back to the foks at the office wondering if they had the right number.

Shouldn't you get some royalties or something ????

yes. but i would settle for a videotape containing the commercial. anyone?

From: Tosh Layton
Subject: I am The one who called.
Date: Wed, 05 May 1999

I was reading your Blizzard page and when I came to the page with the list of callers I found that number 7 had a question mark for my name. Any way I am Tosh Layton from Manti Utah. Just thought I would write you and tell you.

From: Evan
Date: Thu, 29 Apr 1999

This last weekend six of us were spending time in the Mojave desert. Carl and Cliff came down from Minden (near Carson City). I drove out from Las Vegas. Dave along with Jackson and Georgia also drove out from Las Vegas. We met at the cinder cones approx. 18 miles SE of Baker Friday evening (4/23/99). We spent the night there consuming moderate quanties of Carona and Red Stripe. Althouth we did not solve any major world problem, it was not for lack of trying. Early in the morning the weather took a turn and it pored. By morning it had turned to a drizzle. Traveling thru the Mojave desert in a light rain is beautiful. The moisture seems to bring the colors to life. We approached the booth around 1:00 pm Saturday 4/24/99. We wern't exactly sure where we were but fortunately there was a "you are here" map in the booth (much appreciated). We stopped for lunch and made some calls. While there we received a call from someone from Morraco. He said that he saw the number in a classified ad in the local news paper. "If you dial this number you will reach a phone booth in the middle of the Mojave desert". His email is or so he claimed. While we were there we noticed a larger than normal population of vultures in the area. We decided to investiage. Approx. 20 yards away was a carcus of a horse that had been buffet to the dozen or so vultures. Georgia was mesmorized by the decaying beast. I applaud your efforts to maintain the booth, keep on...

[lara had planned a chopper trip to photograph the booth from the air & see how the new PHONE sign looks]
Date: Wed, 28 Apr 1999
From: Lara


long story, but we didn't GO that way - too windy, not enough time and fuel and Lara got freakin' airsick! I actually had them leave me in Baker so I wouldn't have to ride back to Barstow in the chopper. I am really sorry, but they just wouldn't go that way. Have to figure out something else.

From: brent
Date: Tue, 20 Apr 1999

I just got back from a li'l trip cross country with a less than syynched car buddy. It was "OK". I was not near SF, but I did drive back and forth past the Mojave Phone Booth in a trip to Vegas brought on by aggresive loathing of LA. I even called a friend of mine from a different Mojave phone at 8am on a Sunday, and identified myself with "I'm in the Mojave Desert." Without even knowing of Deuce's little hobby. Uncanny!

Date: Mon, 26 Apr 1999
From: Jess

well, your site has kept me utterly fascinated for most of today, to the detriment of my schoolwork. i called the phone booth after reading the articles... i couldn't resist. it's kind of an amazing feeling, knowing that you're making the phone ring in the middle of nowhere on the other side of the country. i've got the number on a sticky note on my computer now... this could easily become an addiction.

if you ever need a travel companion besides wagner, let me know. when i find a man who knows its from it's, i follow him anywhere.

Date: Mon, 26 Apr 1999
From: Joules
Subject: Regarding Phone booth

I read about the "great phone booth" in an articule from the San Bernardino Sun newspaper. I starting following the web site and turning other people on the website. (great I might add!) Anyways, we are planning a camping trip out to the booth and I thought we might invite you. A date hasn't been set yet, as more people confirm I will set a date. So far we have about 10 planning on going!! What do you think? I know it may seem weird to camp with a bumch of people you don't know, but heck, we're crazy and fun to hang out with. and have something in common, we nuts about the lonely phone booth!!!

keep me posted, i'll try to get out there for it

Date: Thu, 22 Apr 1999
From: Lloyd Dunn
Organization: The Tape-beatles

I really enjoyed your mojave phone booth series. Just wanted to let you know.

From: Mary
Date: Thu, 22 Apr 1999

I don't remember where I first heard about your Phone booth saga. I found the URL written on an old envelope--don't ask. Anyway, I went there and laughed my way through most of it. (I have to save some of it for those days when NOTHING goes right) Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed that site and will explore the other links when I have more time.

Date: Thu, 22 Apr 1999
Vic Masters

Tried phoning you in the desert but couldn't get through and forgot to try again. Don't hate me, I mean, i did phone my mother!

What happened to your hair? I didn't recognize you from the photo in the New Times. You looked like a beekeeper!

Warmest regards,

Vic Masters

From: Deborah
Date: Sat, 17 Apr 1999

Hi Deuce,

(Hey, if I make it to the next Mojo day, can I have my picture taken with Wagner? Pretty please?)

Must be photographed with the bust,

Date: Thu, 15 Apr 1999
From: N. from California


Glad you're having some fun with the Mojave phone booth and I plan to put on my serape, wingtips, fire up the jeep, and make a return visit this summer, just for the heck of it. Never knew that little jaunt of mine would evoke so much enthusisiam internationally via one human being, you. You're a strange and wonderful guy - hang in there and keep up the good work of reminding us that life in the "mainstream" is a life not worth living, or pretty boring at most.

weird, isn't it? do you find it completely bizarre that this has all happened?

The more I think about it, no. We live in interesting times and nothing suprises me anymore. I'll try and make it for the burning man campout and maybe I can find the original AAA map to bring along.

Date: Thu, 15 Apr 1999
From: Fish Rule The Sea

Hiya Deuce,

I called the phone booth twice, but never got any answers... guess I called too late both times (sat the 3rd at around 3 am, sun the 4th about 10:30 pm).... have called it several times since but still it simply rings and rings. Hope you all had a good time, wish I coulda been there.

woo to you.


Date: Tue, 13 Apr 1999
Subject: photos soonish...
From: Jane

Hiya Deuce,

The weather didn't improve much after the Booth Blizzard, so I came home early. No amount of hotspringing could make up for waking up shivering and missing what my toes felt like. I'll head desertward again later this summer when it's sure to be warm. Better be. Maybe I'll stop by the booth again for those nitetime shots...

So, I'll send some photos your way in a day or two. The B&W might take a week -- I am darkroomless, so I have to send them out. But then I'm off on another it might be longer than a week. First of May more like. But it'll be worth it! -- everything all focused and arty.


(No one was thrilled by my tales of Boothdom, the ingrates.)

From: Knox
Date: Mon, 12 Apr 1999

We got there at about 8pm and left at about 8:15 or so.. it was damn cold when we arrived and it started to rain upon our arrival. Even tho I was driving a truck, I didn't want to risk getting stuck in either mud or flash flood... plus it was dark. (ooh.. scary)

On the way out, my travelling companion says "How weird would it be if all of a sudden there was like some crazed-looking hairy guy who stepped out from the side of the road while we were driving." I actually got scared at that point.

RE: Incorrect number on phone :

If I got out this weekend, I'll do a printout of the number on one of those Brother Striplabel things and take it out to cover the bad number. (unless you think that would somehow be defacing the sanctity of the .. uh.. whatever.

From: Areyoumike
Date: Sun, 11 Apr 1999

i have so much respect for you.

i had a similar affair with a lone fire hydrant in the middle of southern arizona for years. outside of my unlikely spontaneous combustion, there was nothing for miles that could have caught fire. i often wondered about passersby dying of thirst trying to wrench the thing open, and if there was water to be found within it at all. i never got it open, but i paid homage to the site every time i drove to tucson (i was attending UofA at the time).

i saw an article on your booth in the L.A. Times and have been calling it ever since. though i couldn't call the days you guys were out there (because i happened to be camping in that very desert that weekend), i DID however attempt to visit the booth on THURSday. but alas, as the snow began to fall, i found that the volkswagon cabriolet i was driving couldn't take me on the dirt road to get there. is that really the road that heads alongside the poles? would you even call it a road? perhaps some day i'll make it...

thanks for your steadfast dedication to the booth. it needs you. the whole world needs people like you.

Date: Sat, 10 Apr 1999
From: Cathryn Bauer


A pleasure to speak with you on Ostara, Deuce. Some people talk to God on that day, I talked to Deuce. I hope you and entourage had a much less eventful trip home to the Bay Area.

Date: Fri, 09 Apr 1999
From: cliff davis

so, wednesday afternoon, i'm working on a patient, a nice retired lady. she asks about my break and i start telling her about my slightly eccentric friend, and how we hung at this phone booth in the mojave etc, and she starts laughing. when i realize she's laughing way too much, i ask what's so funny... "we lived in iowa during ww2, and i remember my dad was *asked* to train the army corps of engineers how to hang phone line. so a bunch of 'em went with my dad into the mojave desert and strung line and planted phone booths around baker and all the way up into death valley."

my patient's dad built yer fackin' phone booth! i practically shot my wad.

[From the Deadbolt bulletin board by Third Degree Burns:

"...I'll crank call the Mojave phone booth in the middle of a blizzard, dont mess with me, I'm a Voodoobilly man"

From: Neil
Subject: We got lost in the blizzard of odd!

Date: Wed, 7 Apr 1999

We tried, lord knows it and so do we. Although the lord of Mitsubishi vans sent clear and daunting messages to us deterring us from our randezvous at the booth we left San Diego anyhow. We even experienced one of the most powerful signs: A blown head gasket manifested itself into the engine as we stopped in Barfow..After adding "stop leak" to the coolant system, we were booth bound again! We arrived just as the blzzard was building (about 8pm) and we immediately went to the wrong side of the freeway (off kingston road) and began driving down every road out there...we we even lit some fireworks to signal our presence. (we thought we saw a reply on the other side of the freeway) After a few hours of driving on the wrong side, we decided that it was on the Cima road side, and drove all over the washboard roads around the Aiken Cinder Mine until we became lost in a winter wonder land! it was really cool!

Then we went to Tocopa hot springs.

We got lost in it. We had the handwritten map upside down. We also heard that a Lifeflight copter went down in that storm around halloran summit, a crew of three was lost. Was anyone there on Sat. night, or did everyone go to State Line?

Did you guys see any of our signalling mortars on Sat night about 8:00?

We had some mortars and 2" shells that we sent up about 200' about the level of the cloud bottoms, and they burst into re "stars" it was cool. The hotsprings are really nice, although they differ somewhat from "wild" hotsprings, in that the Inyo County ordinance states that everone MUST not wear clothes, and they are housed indoors, but they are free and open 24 hours. Mostly elderly folks there, I heard the statement "been coming here for 20 years" from several bathers there. But it's not co-ed.

My favorite hotsprings are at Deep Creek in San Bernardino mountains, These are "wild" springs (next to a large mountain stream) You might get a kick out of them, seein' how's your the adventurin type.

Date: Tue, 06 Apr 1999
From: laurie notaro

oh my god you did that thing over easter, I'm a flake and a fool and for my own safety, detatched my own head this weekend--I had to, I was going tinto overload. Yea, the site is under construction, but I didn't think to put up any signs, because who would go there, you know?

call me, it's time for us to get together. I need some sanity, and that's YOU.


Date: Tue, 06 Apr 1999
From: Cynthia Wigginton

hi deuce,

i tried calling you back, but there was no answer. you're not mad at me for pretending to be hilary, are ya? hope your rocket got some good shots.

From: David Hipp
Subject: Hurts so good.
Date: Mon, 5 Apr 1999

Thanks for the stomach hurts.

Read about your site in the Arizona Republic 04/Saturday/99.

Checked out your site just now, the "if it exists" and the "pool" story just cracked me up, reminded me of the book Summer of '42. The last writer to make me laugh like that. Ahh, adventures to the unknown. I admire your writings and sense of humor. If you ever write a book on your adventures send me a bill.

Thank you.

Date: Mon, 05 Apr 1999
From: Nikki

Hello you Wild and Crazy Guy.....

I live in Mesa so I suppose I should have made this attention to "Neighbor". I tried to call the "Phone Booth" on Sunday, but apparently you had left for the weekend. Dang it.

I don't even know what possesed me to actually pick up the phone to call. I don't even know what I was going to say to you or to whomever answered. Guess we'll never know now. I DO want to tell you that I am now hooked on this Phone Booth frenzy. I've called the number a few times. I read about it in Liebowitz's column on Saturday and waited too late to call then. I did try a few times on Sunday to no avail. I will keep trying periodically. This fascination is insane. Don't you wake up sometimes and wonder what the hell you are doing this for???? You MUST !! I have a few freinds in Australia that I have mentioned this crazy pilgrimage you go through. They want to call you the next time you go out there.

I am looking forward to the pics you post up there from this weekends adventure. I enjoyed the ones you posted today. What a shame it snowed. Great pics though.

Email me when you get a chance and if there is anything you need help on, I would be more than happy to oblige. Just let me know.

Yours on the Net,


PS..........Who collects the money out of the "booth" and how often?? I would like to donate a few "prepaid phone cards" for next time you go out there.

this is from a bmw motorcycle list (someone forwarded it to me). he's gonna cycle 3500 miles just to visit idiot mecca BRANSON & he thinks *we're* "nut cases"?] Date: Sat, 3 Apr 1999
From: Bob Straubinger
Subject: BMW: A rendezvous in the Mojave

A group of the faithful are gathering for a weekend campout in the Mojave desert this weekend. It's just a few miles off the I-15 Cima exchange. It will be a small group this year but much larger than last year when only one person showed up. Yes, this could be the beginning of a great new gathering of like minded folks who share one thing in common, listening for the phone to ring. With apologies to Dave Barry, I am not making this up! The Phoenix Gazette had an article today by a David Leibowitz which told the story of a computer wizard here in Phoenix who got the bug (inspiration) two years ago to call a phone number of a pay phone located near the Cima get-off on I-15. This phone sits 15 miles out from any civilization but he got the number somehow and started calling. Thirty days later, he got a busy signal. After calling frantically for a minute, he got an answer, by a woman who lives "down the road". Last August he camped out for the weekend and got seventy calls (70) from places like South Africa and the Netherlands. This weekend he will be there with a faithful following of people who get their kicks from listening for a phone to ring. Check out his website at and if you want to make their day, call today or tomorrow at 1-760-733-9969. Perhaps someone on the list would want to ride on over and give us a report on the camp site. When you hear of nut cases like these spending a weekend doing something so weird as camping out by a phone all weekend, you have to wonder about their state of mind. I'd go and check it out myself but I have to change my oil and get ready for my 3500 mile round trip to Branson next week.

[mark simple comments: You know, I'm happy to wear the "nut case" badge with pride. They were only giving out two at the arena, and I didn't want the "blind moron" one.]

[dr. cliff comments: yeah, wotta rabid limp-dick. somehow, "listening for the phone to ring" seems like a tongue-in-cheek celebration of the absurd, while riding a motorcycle 3000 miles seems like an evolutionary mistake.]

Date: Mon, 05 Apr 1999
From: mike rogers

You were a hard man to find until I ran a search on Yahoo (you came up #1). My name is Mike Rogers, with KRLD Radio in Dallas. Last week I read about the big Mojave pay phone 'celebration.' Thought it was fascinating. So much so that I started calling the phone from work (trying to get ahold of you, actually), and would you believe, I got a group of boy scouts to answer on Thursday. They were hiking in the desert, and just happened to be taking a break at the pay phone when I called. They let me record our conversation, which will be part of a piece I'm doing, provided I can get in touch with you, too. You are the driving force behind this whole thing, after all.

P.S. We'll be driving from Vegas to L.A. this summer, and plan a stop at the phone. Remember to give me directions when we talk.

My message to cliff, his reply...

From: cliff davis
Date: Mon, 5 Apr 1999
Subject: Seeing

the camera is operated by a tiny incubus under the control of jonathan winters. that's really why we had to tape the camera shut- after the first hard slap onto the desert, he bailed out & had to be re-invoked. seriously i have no idea how it works, if that isn't yet obvious.

thank carrie for the whiskey pete idea. did you run the body & hair shampoo through the coffeemaker? it makes a lovely froth, like a nice little cafe au lait. still tastes better than starbuck's. also, it's critical to bring the right color toothpaste b/c when you kick the dispensers off the wall, you'll need to plug the holes in the plaster. dr cliff's travel tips!

looks like the rocket-cam was a total wash. all frames are blank except- the black spot covering 2,3, and 4. 10 shows 1/3 of a frame of splotchy, pinwheelish blur. must've been that last shot, when the 3-finned rocket was spiraling crazily skyward. figures that's the only hint of an actual exposure. you can't even begin to tell what it is. the lab didn't even print it. ain't that a kick in the tits.

i had a couple messages from people who called the booth while we were lounging in whiskey pete's. suckers!

i found out what that mystery string is for. it cocks the shutter! the one almost-photo came after the first free fall- apparently the impact cocked the shutter, so we serindipitously almost took a pic. next time, we both read the direcctions, ok?

some guy on another site said the first thing he did, was re-rig the shock cord b/c it looked like it would come apart, leaving the camera to free fall... i should tell him what a good idea he had. both guys' astrocams have survived plummets, though, as did yours. they both thought to tape the door shut.

yet another thing we've done, that begs the answer 'well, this might not make any sense to *you*, but...' when someone asks about what you did this weekend.

To a really *sweet* person-
Keep In Touch!
Stay Kool!
Have a Bitchin Summer!
I'm glad we met!

Date: Mon, 5 Apr 1999
From: DD

It was nice to meet you...and frankly I was SO glad you weren't a


From: Rog Hiemstra
Sent: Sunday, April 04, 1999

Deuce, I feel very lucky having reached someone at the phone booth on my very first call. Of course it helped that I knew you were having the gathering there. My daughter flew into Reno yesterday on the way to visiting her boyfriend just over the border in California, so when I heard about the big snowstorm I wondered if many would make it to the booth. I happened to hear you on the CBC "As it Happens" the other night just in time to get into your web page and read all about the phone booth. My wife and I plan to put that site on our "must see" places when we retire in December of 2000 and head out in a camper for all those "Western US" places we have never visited.

Keep up the insane work.

From: Knox
Subject: Thank GOD
Date: Mon, 5 Apr 1999

First of all, I have to stop listening to schmaltzy (is the the correct spelling of schmaltz?) radio and watching TV at the same time to congratulate you on the site. Here here.

I had one of those weird ass web experiences tonight.

Genesis: I read an article in the LA Times Magazine from a week ago about Slab City and Salvation Mountain. Being a freak who loves driving around Southern California to visit all these things, I had to find out how to get there. The only explanation the magazine gave was that Niland was teh closest town. I did a web search for niland that connected me to an Art Car site that connected me to your site and info about your car.. Whip IT.

Well, as a two time Burning Man attendee.. I figured this was the year to do something fun.. and I figured what could be more fun that carving up the fenders of a 73 Pinto (if I can find one at Police Impound Auctions). I'll also accept a 74 Ford Cobra or a 75 Ford Grenada. Oh or any year of Vega.

But I digress.

Then I started going through your site -- The PHONE BOOTH, which I've been dying to find.. Thanks for the map.

Next time you're driving up that way.. be sure to stop at Holloran Springs. (not to be confused with Holloran Summit). This features a gas station and a pay toilet. Pay toilet because they have to truck the water in. We asked why you see.. because none of us had any money on that trip. .(We'd been to Vegas) We're talking ZERO cash.

So we drove out the other side of Holloran Springs and founded Urine Dune. Basically this is where we relieve ourselves on trips through the area. Whether we really have to or not now. It's just a thing we do.

I've thought of building a sign, I'm sure it would easily stand in all the bull shit that's accumulated in the area.

But I digress..

This was basically a long way of sayin you rock.. your site rocks.. rock on.


PS Sorry I missed the phone booth thing this past weekend. I totally would have been there.

PPS I'm sure you've already been to Quartzsite, AZ.. but if you haven't.. wait till next January. it's WONDERFUL.

Date: Sun, 04 Apr 1999
From: Rico

Remember when I called you at the phone booth on Saturday and asked you to ask if a guy named "Hugh Jass" was available? And then you did it and laughed, and then I laughed? That was great!

Nice talking to you. Hope you have not sutained any irreparable harm during your evening's sojurn in the desert. Advice: scorpions are NOT APPROPRIATE FOOTWEAR.

From: "Hav{}K"
Subject: Mojave Phone booth I used to live out there.
Date: Sat, 3 Apr 1999

My name is Eric and I used to live out in that area, and I was amazed to see something on the internet about it. The link was given to me by one of my friedns who lives in Vegas.

Well let me tell you a little about me and that area in more detail. I moved out there along with my brother from Redlands CA. to my dad's house who still lives in Moutain Pass CA. (which is right to the right of that circle you drew on the map, right on the I-15) when I was 15 I think. Well any way I grew up in that area and went to school in Baker CA.(oh and the bus ride was an hour each way to school) and graduated with 12 other people.(big class huh lol) In a way it was a new experiance for me coming from a school that had 3000 kids in it to about 250 kids (note: the total of kids is adding all grades k-12)

But the mine you are talking about in the story is Called the Cinder Dome, Allso another mine is up at Moutain Pass name Molly Corp.(owned and operated by Union 76 Gasoline, they mine what the call rare earth) Moutain Pass used to have 500 people living up there and working at that mine, Till Molly Corp kicked everybody off except The CHP's (California Highway Patrol) And Caltrans (California Dept. of Transportation) Now My dad works for Caltrans and the land the house is on is owned by the state, so the mine could not kick off the CHP's or Caltrans people. There is Only 12 people including my Dad that lives up at Moutain Pass to this date. Just CHP's and Caltrans. (yes there are cops out there. So you may have been lucky in vegas but you might not be so lucky coming back home)

But I just wanted you to know there is so much more out there that you can not see from the road. We had our 4-wheelers and went out in the desert to explore every weekend. We explored old mines, towns, and found so much.

The only people who live out there are the miners, State and county workers, and the cowboys (Real ones)(were I learned to rope and ride) In Fact the Oldest WORKING Cattle Ranch the OX is out that way!

But the people living out there would give you the shirt off thier back for you if you need it, they really are down to earth people. So Coming from the big city moving out there and growng up in that enviorment has really changed my outlook in life for the better.

I have since moved from Moutain Pass, and live in Portland OR. Working for an ISP training the tech support reps. And miss it so much, I'm already sick of the big city crap .So when you are out that way explore a little more stop and ask questions and Tell everybody that Eric Sent ya!

Warmest Regards


Date: Sat, 03 Apr 1999
From: Rex Rosenberg
Subject: Isolated phone in Kansas

Just thought I'd tell you about an isolated phone in Kansas. I submitted photos and a story to:

and he posted it in his web site, along with the other photos I've done so far of payphones in Kansas. Hope you enjoy the weekend at the phone in the Mojave.

From: Don Surovec
Date: Sat, 3 Apr 1999

Just read the article (4/3/99 Arizona Republic column by David Leibowitz) and received a chuckle about the April 3rd gathering at the Mojave Desert Phone Booth. Since you will probably read this E-Mail after the Gathering, I am curious as to roughly how many people attended this "event".

Date: Sat, 3 Apr 1999
From: Jessica
Subject: Aloha!

and Hola, Deuce!

It was nice chatting with you on the phone(booth)! You sound like a great guy. Perhaps we'll meet up at Burning Man? Are you going this year? Sure you are! Did you get your tickets, cheaper-than-in-two-weeks, yet?

Your weekend in the desert is enviable - if Brendan and I weren't both sick as yappy little dogs we were ready to pile into the car and make le grand road trip out there. I love camping in the desert without 15K other people!

We took my old website that I made as my "teach myself html while in between dayjobs" wackiness and turned it into something people might visit for more than the rave calendar.

Cardhouse, and the Deuce of Clubs, was a big inspiration.

Next time you're in San Francisco, we'd be happy to take you out on the town!

From: mike s.
Subject: Hey, how is the phone booth gathering going?
Date: Sat, 03 Apr 1999

I heard your interview on CBC's "As It Happens". I went to the site to check it. I may be in california in next few weeks, and may pass by.

Thanks for the enjoyable story!

Date: Sat, 3 Apr 1999
From: Julian

Hello Deuce,

I'm so glad you answered your lonely phone last night. You made my day - well, my evening anyway. The story of the Mojave Phone Booth appeals to my sense of the absurd and we all know that the world can use a few genuine absurdities. I'm glad, too, that CBC found you. Unfortunately I didn't write down any of the details but 'Mojave Phone Booth' typed into Google search engine (my latest favourite) did the trick.

May your gathering this afternoon in homage to your phone booth be a large and successful one. I hope that everyone remembers to bring water.

From: Tosh
Subject: Mojo Phonebooth monopoly
Date: Sat, 03 Apr 1999

Its 6:39 Saturday April 30, 1999

plan pointless page and laughing my head off. When you say "And then, you know. . .compete!" I liked that. Verry Funny!!! Anyway I have been trying to call the booth for the last hour and a half and its busy, I guess I will try again later. I did make it through last night but I can't remember who I talked to.

Later, and have fun and I will be there next year. 2000

Date: Fri, 2 Apr 1999
From: Sergeant Zeno

I've never heard of this odd little place (and I thought I knew everything).

I called the phone number today and was surprised to be able to talk to:

A) A Boy Scout troop leader with a group of scouts with him. He said the weather was beautiful with a light wind.

B) "Some guy" who wanted to talk on the phone, but had absolutely nothing to say.

Neither of them could fathom why the pay phone was ringing out in the middle of nowhere when I called, though. heh. I told them that I was calling from Washington DC. I didn't dare tell them that I was calling from the Pentagon, they would never have believed me.

I was amused.

From: azrel
Date: Fri, 02 Apr 1999
Subject: no trip for me


Sadly while on a curiosity trip througt Oklahoma via 66 WAKKO died (the twisted sister-mobile) and I had to have it towed all the way from Chelsey OK to Liberty MO which is where I live. After a week in the shop he was diagnosed with having a warped head and the mechanic, who knows that I think of WAKKO as a family member, recommended that I have an entire new engine put in at the cost of 3500$$$$$$. To make a long story short, decided to do the work of replacing the cyc head myself and my plans for driving WAKKO to the phone booth postponed indefinatly. However I do plan to someday see the phone booth up close and in person.

I will call however,


From: Robert
Date: Thu, 1 Apr 1999

I was waiting in my van listening to the radio while my wife went to shop at the parmacy and I heard this thing about a phone booth in the middle of the desert. Thats odd. I'd be more interested on what a desert would look like, though, cause you see in my part of the country namely Montreal, Canada we see nothing but flat land and regulars earth and snow. Is the place crawling with insects, lizards and snakes? I'd like to know more about this desert.

From: Deborah
Subject: Conversations from the Booth
Date: Thu, 1 Apr 1999

I don't know if you remember me; we corresponded several times before, mostly about how to get to the Phone Booth and why I moved from Michigan to the Mojave Desert. I'd tell you when, but since my computer crashed...

Anyway, I finally made it to the Phone Booth, and as soon as I pulled up, it was RINGING. So of course I picked it up (See? The teachings of the Payphone Project have not gone out in vain) and it was this guy named Jimmy from Syracuse, NY, who learned about the Phone Booth from a fax received at the radio station where he works. He thought the whole thing was a joke, especially when he got an answer, so I guess he was surprised when I asked him what he was doing calling a phone booth in the middle of the desert.

So after taking a few pictures, etc., I left, then decided to go back and get GPS coordinates. And as soon as I pulled up, the phone started ringing AGAIN! This time it was a guy from Newfoundland, and I guess he'd been trying to get an answer at the phone since he heard about it on Canadian news three years ago. I loved his first line: "Hello? Is - is this the desert?"

Both of them told me about Mojo '99 this weekend. I wanted to tell you that it actually snowed there today, so, well, don't forget to bring your long underwear.

I don't know if you're interested, but those GPS coordinates are N 35 deg 17.130' W 115 deg 41.054'

Have a great time this weekend. I don't think I'll make it, but I might call. I sure wish I'd happened by this Saturday instead of today.

Date: Thu, 01 Apr 1999
From: cnwatt
Subject: CBC interview

Hi Deuce:

Just heard your CBC radio interview and wanted to wish you every success on this weekend's gathering. Cheers


Date: Fri, 02 Apr 1999
From: Eric Keller
Subject: The World-Famous Booth

Hello Deuce,

Just heard you about the booth story in the interview with the CBC. Nice relief from watching the Kosovo coverage.

Wanted you to know that you're now a world celebrity.

And just hoping that all the publicity doesn't bring down even more vandalism on the poor Ma Bell cable booth.

Because if it does, 4$-a-minute Iridium calls will be the only phone calls anyone out there will be making after Ma Bell reels in all the copper...

Cheers, Eric

(near Geneva, Switzerland)

Date: Thu, 01 Apr 1999
From: Michael Guy

Ok, I heard the CBC radio interview and looked up the site, and read all (all!) about it and called the booth from Toronto.

At 20:13:00hrs April 1st 1999

Just thought you might like to know,

Cheers, Michael Guy

Date: Thu, 01 Apr 1999
From: Tim Irwin

I just heard your store about the telephone booth on CBC radio here in Toronto, Canada. Immediately after I called the number. The first time it was busy. Right after I got thru and guess what there was no answer. Great feeling though to imagine whats on the other end though. Thanks for the rush!

Tim Irwin


I try to reach you on April 3. Great idea.

Date: Thu, 01 Apr 1999
From: James Hibberd
Subject: phone booth

Straight up: Is this an April Fool's joke?

straight up: no.

Date: Thu, 01 Apr 1999
From: James Hibberd
Subject: Re: phone booth

How many people do you have confirmed (I'm the online editor at New Times and I *might* go en route to a trip to Vegas, depending on the weather ...)

Date: Thu, 1 Apr 1999
From: John
Subject: Interview at Mojave Booth


Came across your Mojave phone booth saga and thought it had the kind of weird, totally unexpected charm that I find very cool. My name's John Sullivan and I write a wireless telecom industry newsletter. High level analysis for execs at 8 pages a week and $900 a year, that sort of thing. My game with myself is slipping in whatever odd things I can, usually in the subheads, as ironic counterpoint to the fairly straight text: James Bond references, Elvis Costello lyrics, whatever I can get away with.

So I'm looking over your phone booth saga, and thinking, how can I add to the coolness of this, and I realized, I have to get this into the newsletter somehow! Now granted there's no real info of strategic importance to the wireless industry here, but I do write a monthly opinion column in one of our other cellular newsletters, and that's perfect. I can get away with anything in that.

So I was wondering if I could call Saturday and interview you for the newsletter. I'm guessing the way I can do this is write about plans by cellular companies, esp. out west where you've got huge open spaces with sparse populations, to offer up wireless as a replacement for wireline universal service. Thus, there'd be a cell site tower in the middle of nowhere instead of your phone booth, Lorene would have a wireless phone she carried around, and they'd lose this unique thing they have, not to mention the sense of community they get from having a shared point of contact. Wireless erodes community, that sort of thing.

So let me know if the idea of getting your phone booth on the desks of a couple thousand high level execs of telephone companies, equipment vendors, consulting firms and even foreign governments appeals. Personally, I think it would kick.

Date: Wed, 31 Mar 1999
From: david webster
Subject: desert happenings

Deuce, you are definitely a breath of fresh air in a stagnant world. I have been a desert rat most of my life. I've tried to shake it, but the deserts have a strong hold on me. My daughter sent me your website recently. It elicited many chuckles. Aren't you a little concerned about blowing the serenity of the place ?I don't mean to be nagative, but all too often the un-initiated have a tendancy to overcome desert sites. As in the Burning man. I was first there in '65. I took part in some desert survival training with the astronauts then. Under the auspices of the USAF out of Stead AFB, Reno. It seems a little crazed that so many are flocking there tyo revel now, in a place that is so severe.

Keep on with the sand in your shoes !

Date: Wed, 31 Mar 1999
From: Rico

Deuce, I'm going to try and come to the phone booth this Saturday. I may bring some friends with me. That's okay, right? We're all pretty gentle people. This one guy who might come laughs a little bit too loudly and overzealously, though. Will that bother anyone? If it'll bother anybody, I can make sure to tell him sad stories the whole time, so he never laughs.

Date: Wed, 31 Mar 1999
From: Olivia Henderson

The trip is about 75% assured. I now have a guarantee that Tyler (most naive man in the history of the world--be gentle) will join me. Unfortunately, my car picked yesterday to begin leaking gas. Tyler does not own a car. So either I con some other unsuspecting soul into joining us, and driving, or I con my mother into loaning me her car. I'm optimistic, which may be a bad sign. . .

Anyway. Should know by tomorrow.

Date: Thu, 1 Apr 1999
From: Olivia Henderson

Okay. Things are looking . . . I dunno. My mother is dubious about letting me take the car, as she is convinced I'm going to get killed at the booth by a homicidal maniac who will stalk us out there. I TOLD her that we're weird enough to scare any other weirdos away, but. . . So, apparently, she'd rather me be killed in someone else's car. BUT, Matthew is driving down to St George alone this weekend, and he wants me to drive down there with him and drive his car back home. I told him I would, if I could take a slight detour to the booth on the way. He's seriously considering. So, I dunno. I'll either be there or I'll call. If we show, we'll probably get there middle of the day on Saturday. If we hurry. perhaps even by late (LATE) Friday night. And we'll just follow wherever you go.

When are you doing the other fun stuff you mentioned? Because we probably have to head back midday Sunday. School and all.

Date: Thu, 1 Apr 1999
From: Olivia Henderson

I have *literally* no money. none. I am putting the gas for this trip on my gascard, to be paid off at some unspecified date, and bringing all my own food. I am donating plasma 3 times this week just to be able to pay the minimum balance on my credit card.

Whenever. I'm just excited to finally be making my pilgrimage to the BOOTH!!!

Date: Thu, 1 Apr 1999
From: Olivia Henderson

hey, questions: do you recommend a tent? sleeping in the car? or just out on the ground? bearing in mind that i'm quite scared of scorpions. how cold does it generally get? are you going to record the calls again? and how long did it take people to get thru, generally? and what is the average airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow? and all such important stuff.

Date: Fri, 26 Mar 1999
From: carrie
Subject: See you there!


I don't know if Cliff contacted you or not but we are definitely coming to the phone booth next weekend!!! can't wait.


"Experience, though no authority...were right enough to me..."

Date: Wed, 24 Mar 1999
Subject: Phonebooth RSVP
From: Molly

Hi Deuce,

I'm a cartoonist in the midst of a deadline frenzy. My deadline is April 1st, and as a reward to my diligence I have a Death Valley trip planned for the rest of April. So, I will come by the phonebooth enroute to the springs in the Saline Valley (feel free to come along). If you see a big shiny green pickup coming up the road, it's me.

Nerdy and embarrassing question: are you a citizen's band type of person? Just in case I get lost I was wondering what channel you'd be on (cell phones don't really work east of the Sierras, see.)

From: Neil
Date: Sat, 27 Mar 1999

I found your site when I used to hold a yucky corporate job working for the shareholders. After an intense internet fascination with Burningman in '96, I found your account of the trip with VOG through Reno. I then lost the site, and searched endlessly for it for about 6 months. I have spent countless paid hours lurking there. I have yet to analyse my fascination with your site.

Even though I now work for my self, I still check it often. Consider me an unseen friend, but one that will probably never send you any money. Oh yes, We are the ones who stopped on our hurried way from BM'98 to SD to offer you a ride after Whippit! broke down. You still have that car?

From: "N de Lima"
Subject: WoW!

Date: Tue, 23 Mar 1999


I visited your AMAZING web-site after hearing you last night on my local talk radio station here in Montreal. (CJAD 800). I only caught about the last ten minutes of the show but I was totally fascinated and had to check out the web-site for myself. Thank God I had a pen near-by.

It really sucks up here in Quebec though, cos you can only make out going calls. (All Phones here are part of Bell Canada - a Monopoly) and you cant receive any incoming calls - anymore. Oh well.

I can't wait until April 2, 3. You can be sure to get a phone call from me. I just hope the phone isn't busy. :)

Wait that's so weird. I just called now - for the heck of it. And to think. I just made a phone ring - in the middle of the desert on the other side of the continet - that is too cool.

Makes me wonder, if a phone in the middle of a desert rings and there's nobody there to hear it. Does it make a sound? ...

Anyway - got to be runnin' hope to hear from you - as you will be hearing from me next week!

Bye from Montreal Quebec -

Date: Mon, 22 Mar 1999
From: Ade
Subject: From Italy

Hi, Deuce.

My name is Ade Capone, and I am a very well known Italian comic books writer.

My monthly series, LAZARUS LEDD, is one of the top sellers in the Italian market.

I think you will be glad to know that your site about the Mojave booth has inspired me a story (HEARTBREAKERS MOTEL) that one of the artists of mine is actually drawing (I have just finished the script) and that will be published here in september (then in Croatia, too).

If you are interested in more informations about the story... let me know!




Navigate the Hackernet!

From: Mark Simple
Subject: Bondage.
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 1999

I was going to make a parody of your loneliest phone booth with the BUSIEST phone booth in the world, but you should probably hold a contest for people to find such a booth. Bigrig and I found one in Chinatown that was right in the way of pedestrians on a busy sidewalk, I'll send a picture of it when I get it developed. Also have the number, of course - 415 398 9233 (Stockton & Jackson). That way, you can call the busiest booth from the lonliest booth and always get an answer.

Date: Tue, 16 Mar 1999
From: the onion

of course you would be doing this on a weekend when i'm going to be somewhere in the middle of a mountain range hanging out with water buffaloes. but, they do have mobile communications over here, if i can i'll join the fun and call you from an aboriginal village in southern taiwan.

Date: Mon, 15 Mar 1999
From: rusty

Now, I might be interested in joining you at the booth. I've been looking for a good excuse to get out of town. Now whaddya think, what's the weather like?

From: Lanceman
Date: Mon, 15 Mar 1999

I cannot attend, but will be there in spirit (yeah, right, whatever)... I plan on calling and seeing wuzzup... hope you get a better turnout this time...

thanks for the info!

From: Justine Green
Subject: Request for a BBC Radio Interview
Date: Mon, 8 Mar 1999

I am writing to you to request an interview regarding the telephone booth in Mojave Desert that you telephone daily.

BBC World Update is a radio news show specifically for an American audience. It is carried by public radio stations on the East Coast of the United States of America.

The interview can be recorded this week over the telephone.

I very much look forward to speaking to you and hope that an interview can be arranged.

Best Wishes,

Justine Green


World Update

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