A Gathering at the Mojave Phone Booth
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Here's how it went!

A Gathering
at the
Mojave Phone Booth

27-28 August 1998

Join Us!


Going to burning man? Not going to burning man?

Doesn't matter. You can still join the Mojave Phone Booth Desert Caravan.

Join when you like, leave when you like, or stay on board for the whole thing.

The More-or-Less Schedule
(All times and distances approximate.)
Thu 27Aug 05:00 AM Depart Tempe, AZ
Thu 27Aug 09:30 AM Arrive Goffs, CA -- Visit Goffs Restoration Project 283 mi.
Thu 27Aug 11:00 AM Depart Goffs, CA
Thu 27Aug 01:00 PM Arrive at The Booth. (If Whip It! is operable, I'll be driving her. Either way I plan to bicycle the last 15 miles to the Booth.) We'll be calling friends, making prank calls, talking live to at least one radio station, &c. Once we finish -- if we do -- we'll crash for the night beside the Booth. 80 mi.
Fri 28Aug 07:00 AM Depart Booth.
Fri 28Aug 10:00 AM Arrive Death Valley Junction -- visit Amargosa Opera House. 122 mi.
Fri 28Aug time Depart Death Valley Junction.
Fri 28Aug time Visit Devil's Golf Course, Bad Water, Furnace Creek, Funeral Peak, &c. 75 mi.
Fri 28Aug time Arrive Scotty's Castle 35 mi.
Fri 28Aug time Depart Scotty's Castle
Fri 28Aug time Arrive Clown Motel, Tonopah, NV.
78 mi.
Sat 29Aug ? Depart Clown Motel
Sat 29Aug 5-6 hrs. Arrive Black Rock Desert, NV for Burning Man. 300 mi.

Here's the sorry-ass map I made for Kurt Heidelberg -- and he made it to The Booth ok. It's really not all that difficult to find. The red road at the top is Interstate 15. If I were you, I'd also bring along a topo map of the area. And bring LOTS OF WATER!

(You can also use Dennis Casebier's directions.) If you need more help with directions, e-mail me.

Those of you who are joining us, it would help us out if you would RSVP.

If you can't come along, you can call us at The Booth on Aug 27. (If it's busy . . . keep trying.)


Keep watching this page for further information and announcements.