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21feb2021 Intellectuals Paul Johnson
27jan2021 The Rebel Albert Camus
23jan2021 Science, Politics, and Gnosticism Eric Voegelin
04jan2021 Lost in the Cosmos Walker Percy
14jul2020 The Gods Will Have Blood Anatole France
11jul2019 Ball Four Jim Bouton
04jul2019 Pancho and The Happy Bottom Riding Club Barbara Hunter Schultz and Lauren Kessler
28may2016 I'm a Lebowski, You're a Lebowski Green, Peskoe, Russell, & Shuffitt
24may2015 Guy Debord: Revolutionary Len Bracken
02jun2014 No Place to Hide Glenn Greenwald
02jul2013 Command of Office Stephen Graubard
09jun2013 Lincoln's Wrath: Fierce Mobs, Brilliant Scoundrels and a President's Mission to Destroy the Press Jeffrey Manber and Neil Dahlstrom
29may2013 How to Do Nothing with Nobody All Alone by Yourself Robert Paul Smith
23may2013 The Sexy Book of Sexy Sex Kristen Schaal and Rich Blomquist
12may2013 Bossypants Tina Fey
06may2013 Zombie Spaceship Wasteland Patton Oswalt
28apr2013 Catching the Big Fish David Lynch
21apr2013 Dig Infinity!: The Life and Art of Lord Buckley Oliver Trager
15apr2013 The True Adventures of the Rolling Stones Stanley Booth
01apr2013 Crazy for God Frank Schaeffer
15mar2013 Basin and Range John McPhee
21jul2012 The File: A Personal History Timothy Garton Ash
19jun2012 John Ringo: The Gunfighter Who Never Was Jack Burrows
08feb2012 The Supremes Mark Ribowsky
11jan2011 End the Fed Ron Paul
14nov2010 Burning Book: A Visual History of Burning Man Jessica Bruder
31jul2010 The Hohokam Millenium Suzanne K. Fish and Paul R. Fish
07jul2010 God's Middle Finger Richard Grant
07jul2010 Narcocorrido Elijah Wald
30jun2010 In Heaven Everything Is Fine Josh Frank with Charlie Buckholtz
20jun2010 The Shunning Beverly Lewis
11jun2010 Wisdom Sits in Places Keith Basso
06jun2010 The Marvelous Country Samuel Cozzens
29may2010 Hamilton's Curse Thomas J. DiLorenzo
01mar2010 The Secret Life of Houdini William Kalush and Larry Sloman
15feb2010 The Trouble with Being Born E. M. Cioran
29jan2010 Schulz and Peanuts David Michaelis
18jan2010 First Into Nagasaki George Weller
16dec2009 Joe Miller's Jests (John Mottley)
07dec2009 Human Smoke Nicholson Baker
17nov2009 Dirty Tricks Cops Use Bart Rommel
08nov2009 A Futile and Stupid Gesture Josh Karp
28oct2009 All For A Few Perfect Waves David Rensin
19oct2009 Systemantics John Gall
09oct2009 Death in the Desert Paul I. Wellman
24sep2009 American Signs Lisa Mahar
17sep2009 Secret Proceedings and Debates of the Constitutional Convention Robert Yates, Luther Martin
11sep2009 Secrets Of A Stingy Scoundrel Phil Villarreal
05sep2009 The Self-Made Tapestry Philip Ball
02sep2009 A Constitutional History of Secession John Remington Graham
18aug2009 The Neurotic's Notebook Mignon McLaughlin
16jul2009 Interrogation Machine Alexei Monroe
05jul2009 Monster Midway William Lindsay Gresham
29jun2009 The Harlot by the Side of the Road Jonathan Kirsch
19jun2009 Forced Into Glory: Abraham Lincoln's White Dream Lerone Bennett, Jr.
22may2009 Imperial Life in the Emerald City Rajiv Chandrasekaran
20apr2009 J. G. Ballard: Quotes J. G. Ballard, ed. V. Vale & Mike Ryan
04apr2009 The Compleat Practical Joker H. Allen Smith
04apr2009 Laugh with Hugh Troy Con Troy
04apr2009 Pranks! RE/Search
26mar2009 A Liar's Autobiography Graham Chapman
21feb2009 Cobb Al Stump
09feb2009 Chasing Rainbows W. D. "Arizona" Kennedy
01feb2009 Letters from Tucson, 1925-1927 Ethel G. Stiffler
25jan2009 The Five Fosters Betty Foster Escapule
13jan2009 The Giant Cactus Forest and Its World Paul Griswold Howes
20dec2008 How to Cheat Your Friends at Poker Penn Jillette and Mickey D. Lynn
13dec2008 World Famous Cults & Fanatics Colin Wilson
05dec2008 That's Not All, Folks! Mel Blanc
22nov2008 Will Christ Return By 1988? Colin Deal
11nov2008 Fragments of an Anarchist Anthropology David Graeber
02nov2008 The Whiskey Rebellion William Hogeland
27oct2008 FDR's Folly Jim Powell
27oct2008 Wilson's War Jim Powell
27oct2008 Bully Boy Jim Powell
23oct2008 [If] I Did It O. J. Simpson
20sep2008 "Life's Calendar for 1922" George S. Kaufman
05sep2008 Churchill, Hitler, and the Unnecessary War Patrick J. Buchanan
26aug2008 The Negro Cowboys Philip Durham & Everett L. Jones
19aug2008 EXPECT RESISTANCE CrimethInc.
07aug2008 Monty Python Speaks David Morgan
28jul2008 Baseball Between the Numbers The Baseball Prospectus
14jul2008 The Psychopath's Bible Christopher S. Hyatt
13jun2008 Satisfaction Gregory Berns
06jun2008 Conversations with J. G. Ballard J. G. Ballard, ed. V. Vale
29may2008 Days of Love, Nights of War CrimethInc.
12may2008 Gospel Fictions and Who Wrote the Gospels? Randall Helms
05may2008 Deadwood and The Real Deadwood Pete Dexter, John Ames
26apr2008 The Revolution: A Manifesto Ron Paul
18apr2008 45 Bill Drummond
21mar2008 The Secret Man Bob Woodward
27feb2008 Stormin' Mormon Phil Villarreal
08feb2008 From Psyche to Soma: Tales of Biopsychosocial Medicine George Freeman Solomon
29jan2008 I'll Gather My Geese Hallie Crawford Stillwell
18jan2008 The Osama bin Laden I Know Peter L. Bergen
27dec2007 Alias Paine Betty J. Ownsbey
18dec2007 A Man Without Words Susan Schaller
11dec2007 The Wild Trees Richard Preston
04dec2007 The World Without Us Alan Weisman
22nov2007 Arizona's Changing Rivers Barbara Tellman, Richard Yarde, and Mary G. Wallace
22nov2007 The Phoenix Indian School Robert A. Trennert
22nov2007 Realm of the Long Eyes James E. Kloeppel
22nov2007 John Dillinger: The Life and Death of America's First Celebrity Criminal Dary Matera
22nov2007 Buckey O'Neill: The Story of a Rough Rider Dale L. Walker
22nov2007 Thanks For Tuning In Richard Ruelas
22nov2007 Adventures in the Apache Country J. Ross Browne
22nov2007 Waylon: An Autobiography Waylon Jennings with Lenny Kaye
22nov2007 My Life: Sunrise to Sunset Rex Allen with Paula Simpson Witt and Snuff Garrett
22nov2007 Mimes and Miners: A Historical Study of the Theater in Tombstone Clair Eugene Wilson
22nov2007 The First 100 Years: A History of Arizona Blacks Richard E. Harris
22nov2007 Enter Without Knocking Daniel Moore
22nov2007 City in the Sun: The Japanese Concentration Camp at Poston, Arizona Paul Bailey
22nov2007 House by the Buckeye Road Helen H. Seargeant
22nov2007 Vanished Arizona Martha Summerhayes
  200th book weeeeeeee  
09nov2007 The Big Con David W. Maurer
03nov2007 The Astronomy Cafe and Back to the Astronomy Cafe Sten Odenwald
28oct2007 A Handbook On Hanging Charles Duff
09oct2007 A Mind Restored: The Story of Jim Curran Elsa Krauch
02oct2007 Mr. Show: What Happened?! Naomi Odenkirk
24sep2007 Reclaiming the American Revolution William Watkins
19sep2007 Stumbling On Happiness Daniel Gilbert
10sep2007 Two 161-page Arizona books:
Sunny Slope and Treasure Maps of the Superstitions
Edna McEwen Ellis and Amy Michelle Mosier
03sep2007 Did Genesis Man Conquer Space? Emil Gaverluk and Jack Hamm
25aug2007 Look Homeward, America: In Search of Reactionary Radicals Bill Kauffman
18aug2007 Radicals for Capitalism: A Freewheeling History of the Modern American Libertarian Movement Brian Doherty
12aug2007 Kayaker's Little Book of Wisdom Corran Addison
29jul2007 The Echoing Green Joshua Prager
19jun2007 The Secret Life of the Lonely Doll Jean Nathan
06jun2007 K Foundation Burn a Million Quid Chris Brook and Gimpo
25may2007 The Facts of Life and Other Dirty Jokes and The Tao of Willie Willie Nelson
05may2007 Just Six Numbers and Our Cosmic Habitat Martin Rees
19mar2007 The Wild Goose Chronicles Trent Harris
02feb2007 Behind Bars: Surviving Prison Jeffrey Ian Ross and Stephen C. Richards
24dec2006 Silent Night: The Story of the World War I Christmas Truce Stanley Weintraub
29nov2006 The Gang They Couldn't Catch Debra Weyermann
22nov2006 Manhunt James L. Swanson
14nov2006 A History of the End of the World Jonathan Kirsch
27oct2006 Al Sieber: Chief of Scouts Dan L. Thrapp
05aug2006 Apaches & Longhorns Will C. Barnes
26jul2006 Deep Survival Laurence Gonzales
20jul2006 Captured Scott Zesch
24may2006 DINO Nick Tosches
17may2006 Sock Penn Jillette
18apr2006 Bo: Pitching & Wooing Maury Allen
14apr2006 You Are Worthless Scott Dikkers
03apr2006 You And Your Hand Cheiro
04jan2006 Access All Areas Ninjalicious
26may2005 Field Guide to the Apocalypse Meghann Marco
22apr2005 The War on Terrorism Michael Kronenwetter
18dec2004 Those Idiots From Earth Richard Wilson
05nov2004 September 11: An Oral History Dean E. Murphy
09sep2004 Mortal Questions Thomas Nagel
The Heresy of Self-Love Paul Zweig
09jun2004 The White Flag Principle Shimon Tzabar
16may2004 Medieval Panorama G. G. Coulter
04apr2004 An Honest President H. Paul Jeffers
15mar2004 Those Words Frank Etherington
23feb2004 À rebours J. K. Huysmans
05feb2004 Peterson's Incident Report Book Ms. George Black
17nov2003 Boo! Culture, Experience, and the Startle Reflex Ronald C. Simons
24oct2003 Victory Denied Major Arch E. Roberts
29sep2003 Nothing, Arizona Don Simpson
11aug2003 A Porcine History of Philosophy and Religion James Taylor
04aug2003 O Holy Cow!: The Selected Verse of Phil Rizzuto Phil Rizzuto
04jul2003 ¿Hablas conmigo?  
14jun2003 Thirty-three Candles David Horowitz
09jun2003 Black Monk Time Thomas Edward Shaw & Anita Klemke
01jun2003 Men of Distinction (Various)
24may2003 Alexander the Corrector Edith Olivier
17may2003 Space Viking H. Beam Piper
16apr2003 Mark These Men J. Sidlow Baxter
20mar2003 Hallucinogenic Plants Richard Evans Schultes
14feb2003 Prohibition: An Adventure in Freedom Harry S. Warner
03feb2003 JESUS! He's Our President Jim Martin
28jan2003 LOVE Robert Rosenheck
25jan2003 How to Watch Football on Television Chris Schenkel
10jan2003 Merrill Markoe's Guide to Love Merrill Markoe
01jan2003 Lincoln: The Man and The Car John Wilkes Booth
Whatever Men Know About Women Abdul Jones
Biographies of Italian War Heroes Anonymous
14dec2002 ABC of Espionage John Hill
09dec2002 Art Colony Perverts Cal de Feo
14nov2002 Devil-ution J. F. Frank Mathews, D.D.
24oct2002 Starting Right with Bees Gleanings in Bee Culture
28aug2002 Planet Earth is a Cult Chris Bunyan
19aug2002 Baseball Letters Seth Swirsky
27jul2002 Fetish Christine Garnier
21jul2002 Dopey Doings Elizabeth Ripley
04jul2002 Democracy: The God That Failed Hans-Hermann Hoppe
29jun2002 Handgrenade Talk R. A. Sully
19jun2002 Hi, How Are You? Tarssa Yazdani
05jun2002 het zingen van het ijs Hans Kloos
15may2002 The Museum of Jurassic Technology Jubilee Catalogue S.F.D.U.I.
04jan2002 The Rector and the Rogue W. A. Swanberg
24nov2001 Colorful Cacti of the American Deserts Edgar & Brian Lamb
04nov2001 Odd Jobs: The World of Deviant Work Gale Miller
04nov2001 The Hungry Man's Outdoor Grill Cookbook Culinary Arts Institute
04nov2001 How to Get Invited to the White House James C. Humes
04nov2001 How to Work for a Jerk
Never Work for a Jerk!
Robert M. Hochheiser
Patricia King
19oct2001 The Mentality of Apes Wolfgang Köhler
10oct2001 Your Vigor for Life Appalls Me R. Crumb
20sep2001 Dr. Strange: Sorceror Supreme Someone or other
22aug2001 Nautical Notions for Nibbling U.S. Government
23jun2001 A Short Introduction to the History of Human Stupidity Walter B. Pitkin
28may2001 The Fake Revolt G. Legman
12apr2001 Coup D'Etat Edward Luttwak
26mar2001 History of the Town of Felicity Felicity Historical Society
17feb2001 Hood of Death Nick Carter
12feb2001 Dolls' House Bathrooms: Lots of Little Loos Patricia King
05feb2001 Border Security / Anti-Infiltration Operations U.S. Gov't
30jan2001 Living on Light Jasmuheen
23jan2001 God is for Real, Man Carl F. Burke
16jan2001 Did the Apostle Paul Visit Britain? R. W. Morgan
08jan2001 Twin Peaks books Altman/Knicklebine
01jan2001 2001 Arthur C. Clarke
25dec2000 Power Phrases Richard Cash
18dec2000 The Truth About Wagner Hurn & Root
11dec2000 The Life of the Bee Maurice Maeterlinck
04dec2000 Tombstone (The unbutchered script) Kevin Jarre
26nov2000 Science Looks at Smoking Eric Northrup
20nov2000 The Chiricahuas Weldon F. Heald
13nov2000 The New Dark Ages Conspiracy Carol White
06nov2000 The Big Question John Kenneth
30oct2000 Everybody's Book of Epitaphs W. H. Howe
23oct2000 The Death of the Fuhrer Roland Puccetti
16oct2000 Mindfuckers Ed. David Felton
09oct2000 Gorbachev! Has the Real Antichrist Come? Robert W. Faid
02oct2000 The World's Worst Poet William McGonagall
18sep2000 Home is the Desert Ann Woodin
(Books on Vacation)
28aug2000 Nine Lives: From Stripper to Schoolteacher Lynn Snowden
21aug2000 How to Start Your Own Country Erwin S. Strauss
How to Found Your Own Religion Francis J. Phelan
14aug2000 Sex Objects in the Sky Paula Kane
07aug2000 Indian Oratory comp. Vanderwerth
31jul2000 Bastard Without Portfolio Alfred Austen
The Bedside Book of Bastards Johnson & Turner
24jul2000 Hopeless -- Yet There Is Hope Arno Gaebelein
17jul2000 Bible in Pocket, Gun in Hand Ross Phares
10jul2000 Margie Asks WHY Laura Rocke Winn
03jul2000 Death of a Hippie Michael Brett
26jun2000 Wake Up or Blow Up Frank C. Laubach
19jun2000 Feeling and Form Susanne K. Langer
12jun2000 Guilt Roger W. Smith, ed.
05jun2000 A Mile in His Moccasins Don Dedera
29may2000 Mojave Desert Ramblings Sewell "Pop" Lofinck
22may2000 Passing of the Outhouse Tom G. Murray
15may2000 This Way to Happiness Clyde M. Narramore
The Happy Life F. B. Meyer
Young Only Once Clyde M. Narramore
08may2000 The Monkey Gland Affair David Hamilton
01may2000 Bert Bacharach's Book for Men Bert Bacharach
24apr2000 The Two Babylons Alexander Hislop
17apr2000 For Good and Evil: The Impact of Taxes... Charles Adams
10apr2000 Why Christians Crack Up! Marion H. Nelson
Why Do Christians Break Down? William A. Miller
03apr2000 Hava Nagila! Sheldon Feinberg
27mar2000 Beethoven or Bust David Hurwitz
20mar2000 How to Abandon Ship Richards & Banigan
13mar2000 Livin' in Joe's World Joe Patane
06mar2000 The Last Democrat ed. R. W. Bradford
28feb2000 Salvation Mountain Larry Yust
21feb2000 The Varmint and Crow Hunter's Bible Bert Popowski
14feb2000 Love in the Western World Denis de Rougemont
07feb2000 Jack the Ripper: Light-Hearted Friend Richard Wallace
31jan2000 Little Men of the NFL Bob Rubin
24jan2000 No One May Ever Have The Same Knowledge Again MJT
17jan2000 The Secret Museum of Mankind (Secret)
09jan2000 James Bond's World of Values Lycurgus M. Starkey, Jr.
02jan2000 We Did Not Plummet Into Space Ernest Noyes Brookings
27dec1999 The Boy Who Didn't Believe IN CHRISTMAS Michael Teitelbaum
20dec1999 The Great Escape From Your Dead-End Job John J. Komar
13dec1999 All About Tipping Jean Sprain Wilson
06dec1999 My Loser Godfrey Max
29nov1999 A Haircut in Horse Town Click and Clack
22nov1999 Mucusless Diet Healing System Prof. Arnold Ehret
15nov1999 (Books on Vacation)
08nov1999 Jefferson Returns
Lincoln Returns
Churchill Returns
Robert Leichtman
01nov1999 Corporation Freak Heywood Gould
25oct1999 Null Bock auf DDR Büscher / Wensierski
18oct1999 So You're Going on a Mission? Barbara T. Jacobs
11oct1999 Nudes in My Camera Steve Berekmeri
04oct1999 Why I Hate the Nazis Cpl. Milton J. Wynne
27sep1999 Flesh, Metal & Glass Fraydun Manocherian
20sep1999 The James Beard Cookbook James Beard
13sep1999 Mortal Refrains Julia A. Moore
6sep 1999
(Books on Vacation: Mojave Phone Booth and Burning Man 99)
23aug1999 Deadbolt Jay Brandon
16aug1999 Amy Grant: A Biography Bob Millard
09aug1999 The X Cars Henry B. Lent
02aug1999 We Were Five James Brough
26jul1999 Mr. Wilson's Cabinet of Wonder Lawrence Weschler
19jul1999 Hello ... Wrong Number Marilyn Sachs
12jul1999 I'll Kill You Next! Adam Knight
Murder in Vegas William R. Cox
05jul1999 Did MAN Just Happen? W. A. Criswell
28jun1999 Terror at the Atlanta Olympics Kenneth Alonso
21jun1999 Criswell Predicts Criswell
Your Next Ten Years Criswell
14jun1999 They Pay Me to Catch Footballs Tommy McDonald
07jun1999 The Phantom Menace George Lucas
31may1999 Just For Fellows Howard Clark
24may1999 The Lopsided Gal Jacque Miller
17may1999 Astrology and Horse Racing Rigel Spica
10may1999 The Cokesbury Stunt Book Arthur M. Depew
03may1999 The Origin of Things Dr. Julius E. Lips
Remarks on the History of Things George Kubler
26apr1999 U.S. Government Sewing Book
19apr1999 Funeral Tributes II "Art in Flowers"
12apr1999 Blinky, the Friendly Hen Jeffrey Vallance
[Books on vacation (1999 Booth Trip)] 2-5apr99
29mar1999 The Serbs Choose War Ruth Mitchell
22mar1999 My Mystery Castle Mary Lou Gulley
15mar1999 Iggy Bruce Cassiday
08mar1999 Funeral Customs the World Over Habenstein & Lamers
01mar1999 The Right to be Let Alone Gerald S. Snyder
22feb1999 Mormonism and the Negro John J. Stewart
The Church and the Negro John L. Lund
15feb1999 Preacher with a Billy Club Robert C. Asmuth
Fighting Parson of the Old West Bernard Palmer
08feb1999 Invisibility: Mastering the Art of Vanishing Steve Richards
How to Disappear Completely Doug Richmond
01feb1999 The Gentle Art of Making Enemies James McNeill Whistler
How to Catch a Man, How to Keep a Man, How to Get Rid of a Man Zsa Zsa Gabor
25jan1999 Langenscheidts Konversationsbuch Langenscheidt
18jan1999 Marlene Dietrich's ABC Marlene Dietrich
11jan1999 The Bible in the Hands of Its Creators Moses Guibbory