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Exhibit 232: The important thing here, though, is.... 14mar2013
Exhibit 231: But what if you need to open two cans of beer? 04mar2013
Exhibit 230: A: Gorbachev! 10may2010
Exhibit 229: Category: Sentences for which there are no diagrams 24oct2009
Exhibit 228: SKYLOG! 05jul2009
Exhibit 227: The Nail in My Purse 19dec2008
Exhibit 226: SOUNDS LIKE WHOOP 08oct2008
Exhibit 225: Meetings make us dumber 14jun2008
Exhibit 224: hot asian buns 06jun2008
Exhibit 223: KAPOT BAY PLEZI AVI 23apr2008
Exhibit 222: GEORGE FOREMAN 29feb2008
Exhibit 221: Goddamned envelope 11dec2007
Exhibit 220: Actual Boob Job Patient! 31oct2007
Exhibit 219: SEIBUR ALIENS 20sep2007
Exhibit 218: For My Ho 06jun2007
Exhibit 217: LSD HALT STATIC 05may2007
Exhibit 216: By All Means, Do Mess With Taxes 16apr2007
Exhibit 215: The Lurking Clinton 01apr2007
Exhibit 214: My reason, or the kidnapper's? 25oct2006
Exhibit 213: This is one of those things that people write down 09aug2006
Exhibit 212: Convoluted Comfort 17may2006
Exhibit 211: Poopy Fart Face 02apr2006
Exhibit 210: "For Research" 16nov2005
Exhibit 209: One hundred percent! (Not counting those other ingredients) 20apr2005
Exhibit 208: O where have you gone, Taco Bell sign, Taco Bell sign? 15mar2005
Exhibit 207: Everyone's doing the Bloody Sock 08mar2005
Exhibit 206: The governmental touch 18dec2004
Exhibit 204: Hummers Galore 05nov2004
Exhibit 203: Blow me 24sep2004
Exhibit 202: Ivan then; Ivan now 14sep2004
Exhibit 201: Dragbag 06sep2004
Exhibit 200: It's the Children, For Christ's Sake 18jul2004
Exhibit 199: We are the Cardinals. Um. We Think. 13jul2004
Exhibit 198: FLAGs! 12jul2004
Exhibit 197: Enough with the dead presidents already 18jun2004
Exhibit 196: Re: RE-RE/Search 04apr04
Exhibit 195: Bon voyage booby 18mar04
Exhibit 194: Smokin' Token? You've
got to be jokin'
Exhibit 193: What they are teaching the children these days 05feb04
Exhibit 192: Cock Flavored Soup 05jan04
Exhibit 191: Industrial Strength Xmas 11dec03
Exhibit 190: Nothing! Nothing! Nothing! Except exceptions. 17nov03
Exhibit 189: Fundamentalist surname interpretation 31oct03
Exhibit 188: Anachrojingoism 24oct03
Exhibit 187: Pelvis balls 29sep03
Exhibit 186: SEIZE THE DEPOT! 28aug03
Exhibit 185: Look! A Lamb 18aug03
Exhibit 184: High is Low is High 11aug03
Exhibit 183: Dumbass Burt Reynolds's Dumb Ass 04aug03
Exhibit 182: Magnum Popper 07jul03
Exhibit 181: CUIDADO 29jun03
Exhibit 180: Casting call 15jun03
Exhibit 179: Should you need your Jesus remodeled 03jun03
Exhibit 178: Pshaw Peak 22may03
Exhibit 177: Theft Talk 06may03
Exhibit 176: The magic brightness of Barf 22apr03
Exhibit 175: Convenient unjustified privacy expectation 16apr03
Exhibit 174: Hanger please no 10feb03
Exhibit 173: I Am He as You are He and Cold is Hot and In is Out and We Are Altogether Confused 24feb03
Exhibit 172: 1928 Flavor 03feb03
Exhibit 171: To a T 28jan03
Exhibit 170: Mizu-stofeles 28jan03
Exhibit 169: Ping-Pong robe 30dec02
Exhibit 168: Dear Editor: Can there be a bigger waste of money than Xmas decorations? 09dec02
Exhibit 167: Didactic auto wreck 14nov02
Exhibit 166: Mountain Monogram Kit 01oct02
Exhibit 165: Bad snail joke 09sep02
Exhibit 164: Gary Bear 28aug02
Exhibit 163: My Dog Looks Like Jason Priestley 13aug02
Exhibit 162: Big Johnson 28jul02
Exhibit 161: The More Little Mummy On The World 20jul02
Exhibit 160: Burn This 04jul02
Exhibit 159: ABOLISH $$$ LAW $TATE 29jun02
Exhibit 158: Chubby 22jun02
Exhibit 157: DO NOT SWALLOW 05jun02
Exhibit 156: ORUMPY OLDFAET 16may02
Exhibit 155: Profiles in Deux-fage 11feb02
Exhibit 154: The Goose is loose 04jan02
Exhibit 153: Poison bad, not for mouth, no drinkie 28dec01
Exhibit 152: Big huge, gaudy costume ring 16nov01
Exhibit 151: Profiles in doofage 11nov01
Exhibit 150: Goober Goo 05nov01
Exhibit 149: Bigpeeler on Fark 23oct01
Exhibit 148: Soggy Bottom Boys 19oct01
Exhibit 147: Subliminal anti-FBI message 03oct01
Exhibit 146: T-Bear 02oct01
Exhibit 145: That's Interntainment 25aug01
Exhibit 144: No such Thing(?) 13aug01
Exhibit 143: Puff Daddy 03aug01
Exhibit 142: Hot Buns 18jun01
Exhibit 141: Mint Balls 11jun01
Exhibit 140: Hope you guess my nametag 18may01
Exhibit 139: Desert Rat 18may01
Exhibit 138: Fudge town 15may01
Exhibit 137: Joe Versus the Bikini 14apr01
Exhibit 136: High camper 26mar01
Exhibit 135: Demon child 17feb01
Exhibit 134: Spread the beef 12feb01
Exhibit 133: Housework hurts 05feb01
Exhibit 132: Naughty Ned, the Pooping Pig 30jan01
Exhibit 131: Why Did This Happen to Me? 23jan01
Exhibit 130: Sign of The Thing 16jan01
Exhibit 129: Serving service, servicing 08jan01
Exhibit 128: Way cool 2000 01jan01
Exhibit 127: Opera nuts 25dec00
Exhibit 126: Explosive prose 18dec00
Exhibit 125: Arachnophobia 11dec00
Exhibit 124: Fearless Cultural Mania 04dec00
Exhibit 123: An answer to the current crisis 27nov00
Exhibit 122: Snow Badge 20nov00
Exhibit 121: Spastic Jubilee 13nov00
Exhibit 120: True-to-Stereotype Decals 6nov00
Exhibit 119: We, Pee-wee 30oct00
Exhibit 118: Con Job 23oct00
Exhibit 117: My favorite color 16oct00
Exhibit 116: Creatine Creative writing 9oct00
Exhibit 115: Red Army Knife 2oct00
Exhibit 114: The UK Cowboy 25sep00
Exhibit 113: The Town Too Tough to Die(t) 18sep00
[Items on vacation] 04sep-11sep2000
Exhibit 112: Size does matter -- but does character? 28aug00
Exhibit 111: Feel the Luuuuuv 21aug00
Exhibit 110: Bar Toon / Bitter Advice 14aug00
Exhibit 109: X Marks the Palm 07aug00
Exhibit 108: Proof: Bill Gates is from outer space 31jul00
Exhibit 107: I Beat My Coach 24jul00
Exhibit 106: Uno! No Uno! SI! UNO! 17jul00
Exhibit 105: Nazi Arithmetic 10jul00
Exhibit 104: Buckethead from Space 03jul00
Exhibit 103: Testamints & Squared Circles 26jun00
Exhibit 102: Match the Restrooms and WIN! 19jun00
Exhibit 101: "You Love Me" -- You Really, Really Love Me! 12jun00
Exhibit 100: Tiger Whisker 05jun00
Exhibit 099: Watch For Feds 29may00
Exhibit 098: TechnoToilet 22may00
Exhibit 097: C'mon, Get Crappy 15may00
Exhibit 096: Burning Scam 08may00
Exhibit 095: Standin' On a Corner in Winslow, Arizona Park 01may00
Exhibit 094: Bowling for Bunnies 24apr00
Exhibit 093: "Entitlements," My Ass 17apr00
Exhibit 092: Country Corn Flakes 10apr00
Exhibit 091: Drug Suckers 03apr00
Exhibit 090: Postal Meter 27mar00
Exhibit 089: Lice Panic 20mar00
Exhibit 088: Whippy Dips 13mar00
Exhibit 087: TinyTooth 06mar00
Exhibit 086: Salvation 28feb00
Exhibit 085: Faster, Prairie Dog! Kill! Kill! 21feb00
Exhibit 084: Love Dice 14feb00
Exhibit 083: Oobi Roi! 07feb00
Exhibit 082: Incognito Heroes 31jan00
Exhibit 081: Mold Cavity Gases 24jan00
Exhibit 080: Even the Natives 17jan00
Exhibit 079: Sad Songs 10jan00
Exhibit 078: Just Another Year in the Twentieth Century 03jan00
Exhibit 077: Christmas Is Only One Great Aggression 27dec99
Exhibit 076: The Honor Pod 20dec99
Exhibit 075: Phone Company Phonies 13dec99
Exhibit 074: Twin Peaks Product Branding 06dec99
Exhibit 073: Duck Soap 29nov99
Exhibit 072: Strike the Flag 22nov99
[Items on vacation] 15nov99
Exhibit 071: Model Bottle 08nov99
Exhibit 070: Extra-Amazing Super Item Day 01nov99
Exhibit 069: The FSU Building Collection 25oct99
Exhibit 068: Cave Cafe 18oct99
Exhibit 067: Flap Wag 11oct99
Exhibit 066: Hi, How Are You 04oct99
Exhibit 065: Money House Blessing 27sep99
Exhibit 064: Smag / Smak: 15 Meters of Snore 20sep99
Exhibit 063: Paint Davidian 13sep99
[Items on vacation: Mojave Phone Booth and Burning Man 99] 30aug99, 6sep99
Exhibit 062: Undie Sunday 23aug99
Exhibit 061: This Cheese Is 16aug99
Exhibit 060: Postal Service Today 09aug99
Exhibit 059: We Can Play With Its Echo 02aug99
Exhibit 058: Deuce of Clubs Ashtray 26jul99
Exhibit 057: Dancing Baby 19jul99
Exhibit 056: Bayreuth 12jul99
Exhibit 055: Exotic Lizards 05jul99
Exhibit 054: (Fe)Mail Threat 28jun99
Exhibit 053: Box O' Items 21jun99
Exhibit 052: Whip It! Go-Go Boots 14jun99
Exhibit 051: No Fun 07jun99
Exhibit 050: Loss Liter 31may99
Exhibit 049: Frog in Mouth 24may99
Exhibit 048: Clump 17may99
Exhibit 047: Popa What? 10may99
Exhibit 046: Things That Are Shaped Like Other Things (Part I) 03may99
Exhibit 045: Agnes of Godless 26apr99
Exhibit 044: Anti-Antichrist 19apr99
Exhibit 043: Tex Quest 12apr99
[Items on vacation (1999 Booth Trip)] 2-5apr99
Exhibit 042: Yacki Hacki Wicki Wacki Woo (Now with lyrics!) 29mar99
Exhibit 041: R.I.P.S.K. 22mar99
Exhibit 040: Blockhead Detector 15mar99
Exhibit 039: ABBet! 08mar99
Exhibit 038: Treasure Trash 01mar99
Exhibit 037: Whip What? 22feb99
Exhibit 036: Job Description 15feb99
Exhibit 035: Celebrity Chocolates 08feb99
Exhibit 034: A Relaxed Brain is a Malleable Brain 01feb99
Exhibit 033: Smut Patrol 25jan99
Exhibit 032: Colonial Indoctrination 18jan99
Exhibit 031: Hugs and Drugs 11jan99
Exhibit 030: We Are The Boss Of You 04jan99
Exhibit 029: Girl Trouble, Indeed 28dec98
Exhibit 028: X-Messed UP! 21dec98
Exhibit 027: Ghost Ship 14dec98
Exhibit 026: Crazy Cabezas 07dec98
Exhibit 025: A Piece of sHitory History 30nov98
Exhibit 024: Wisconsin Field Trip 23nov98
Exhibit 023: Stop the Pain 16nov98
Exhibit 022b: Mick the Martyr 14nov98
Exhibit 022: Mick the Mouth 09nov98
Exhibit 021: Rake Buddies 02nov98
Exhibit 020: Cactus Pencil 26oct98
Exhibit 019: A Politician's Idea of a Tough Moral Stand 19oct98
Exhibit 018: The Pain of Statues 12oct98
Exhibit 017: R.U.R. or R.U.Ain't My Robot? 5oct98
[Items on vacation (1998 Art Car Fest in SF)] 23--29sep98
Exhibit 016: Slackmeister or Schlockmeister ? 21sep98
Exhibit 015: Who's the Stooge? 14sep98
[Items on vacation (Mojave Phone Booth & Burning Man)] 31aug -- 07sep98
Exhibit 014: Questionable Inflatables 24aug98
Exhibit 013: T Wrecks 17aug98
Exhibit 012: Sheik a Tail Feather 10aug98
Exhibit 011: It Came From New York 03aug98
Exhibit 010: The Devil's Own Chest Rub 27jul98
Exhibit 009: Easier Than Chopsticks: Rookie Stix 20jul98
Exhibit 008: When the bag pop and the Stinking will Full the air 13jul98
Exhibit 007: The Devil's Own Hockey Bank 06jul98
Exhibit 006: Well it might not work ... 29jun98
Exhibit 005: Eno, Ono, Uno 22jun98
Exhibit 004: Show Your Colors 15jun98
Exhibit 003: Touch the Puppet Head 08jun98
Exhibit 002: Touch the Peripheral Convex of Every Kind 01jun98
Exhibit 001: Cleanliness Is Next To Bob Barkerliness 25may98